Home Office Remodel

As I mentioned on my last post, we completed two remodel projects this week and I’m here to unveil our new home office. I use an office I’ve created in a bedroom with a door so I can control noise and privacy if needed since I actually work from home.  John uses our home office […]

Bathtub Surround Remodel DIY Project

Our exciting news is that we wrapped up two projects that have been ongoing since before the nonsense started.  I have waited a long time for these projects to be over and I’m loving our beautiful home even more now.  Hmmm, too bad nobody is going to see it.  Oh, well, we enjoy it and […]

Phoenix Cheery Lynn District and Sunday Happy Hour

We got out for a little exploratory drive on Saturday and discovered the Cheery Lynn historical district in Central Phoenix.  Not far off a main road, Thomas, sits this adorable neighborhood.  The homes are Tudor and English cottage and not at all what you might expect to see in Phoenix.   It is one of the […]

Modifying Chicken Francese for Two Diets

Well, then, dear friends.  How’s it going?  Is anyone with me on this ride where happy hour is now moved up to 4 p.m. which means you can really start drinking around 3:15?  Do you have workout equipment but no desire to use it?  Have you considered how badly you actually need a shower? And […]

Easter and Birthday in Quarantine

Happy week after Easter – one to remember, I’m sure.  I hope we all found that doing things in a new way made us creative and happy and not feel too cheated out of life’s celebrations. My dear friends Evon, Cindy and Sara gave me a surprise birthday party Sunday.  Yep, on Zoom.  I was […]

Top Four Things I’m Really Glad to Have Right Now

Aren’t there things you just HAD to have and then, meh, never really used them or they just weren’t what you thought they’d be?  Well, there are things I bought early this year that I used way more than I expected.  I don’t have a crystal ball, so I just lucked out. Anything I thought […]

Four Things I’m Happy I Gave Up

All in all, this quarantine is not happy, and it is emotionally and mentally challenging for everyone.  However, bright side, there are some things I am better off without.  What about you? Mascara I haven’t worn mascara for well over a month now.  Being a lifetime wearer, I never thought mascara would be something I […]

Simple Ideas For Keeping Busy & Productive at Home

This has been a busy week for me and a slow week for the hub.  He’s SUPPOSED to be resting his knee due to a stress fracture for two weeks.  He’s been sort of up and down with that, but it means I get to do all the fun chores around the house and still […]