Four Things I’m Happy I Gave Up

All in all, this quarantine is not happy, and it is emotionally and mentally challenging for everyone.  However, bright side, there are some things I am better off without.  What about you?


My quarantine beauty routine does not include wearing mascara - yep one of the things I am happy I gave up.
No More Mascara

I haven’t worn mascara for well over a month now.  Being a lifetime wearer, I never thought mascara would be something I gave up. I still wear my tinted moisturizer and spend about 5 minutes “doing my face,” but I haven’t felt the need to put on mascara for any of the few trips I’ve made outside my house.

This is allergy season for me and my eyes are appreciating the break. My naked, little eyes, that is.

Denim and Other Uncomfortable Pants

I've been wearing a lot of leggings and not much denim.  Anything that doesn't make me feel good is something I have given up.
Not Much Denim Going On

I generally do not wear my exercise unless I’m A) Exercising, B) Getting ready to exercise or C) Just finished exercising.  Walking around in public in “atheleisure” is not a good look for me.  Now I see no reason to change out of my exercise clothes except to shower and then I put on sweats.  Talk about COMFY.  Saying yes to that.

On a recent post-exercise trip to get groceries, I showered and put on jeans and a T.  The hub asked why I was getting all dressed up.  Ha. So, I occasionally do put on the jeans, but mainly I gave them up.


I haven’t been a big shopper for years now.  It’s just too easy to buy what I need online.  I don’t think I could rack my brain and say the last time I went to a regular mall.  Now, I’m not even really shopping online because I have no entertaining to look forward to, no place to wear a cute spring outfit, no travel to purchase for.  It’s really been ok.  Now, don’t be fooled, my credit card is still suffering with all the grocery purchases and with the bathroom remodel.

Speaking of which, John was off his leg for two weeks nursing a stress fracture, but now he’s back at it.  I’m going to love taking a bath when we get a water spout. I don’t mind giving up shopping, but giving up a bath is unconscionable.

Ignoring Anxiety

Anxiety has always been part of my life and, in addition to potato chips, I have found the best remedy is exercise.  But, here’s the kicker, I don’t usually address why I’m anxious, I just exercise until my brain feels better. 

Being around nature helps calm me.  I am trying to deal with my anxiety as it comes - ignoring it is something I gave up.
Beautiful Spring Flowers

I have been lucky enough to have lots of outdoor exercise, and I know not everyone has that right now.  But, I have not been over exercising and I’ve been recognizing my feelings when they pop up.  Every single person is going through this, and every story seems worse than the last.  When my personal boo hoos come to the surface, I acknowledge them and try to move on.  I listen to something inspirational.  What inspires me might not inspire you, so it’s important to know what turns your little light on.  I focus on tiny miracles, especially ones that have occurred in the past six months or so.  I focus on how very much I love my friends and family and how grateful I am for them in my life.

I have not been ignoring my anxiety and I feel like I’m dealing with it as best I can. I’m sure everyone experiences anxiety, but if you feel out of control, please seek help.

The list of things we all miss is long, but I’m focusing on the good right now.

Appreciating Beauty

We took a little drive to Sedona.  We didn’t hike or go near people.  We took a picnic and ate on the truck gate.  It was a gorgeous spring day in one of the most stunning places on earth and we were almost alone.  Surreal.  It was good for taking pictures and reminding me why I love living here so much.

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  1. I love your blog…yes, as they say changing from my day pajamas to my night time pajamas… no way….I haven’t fashioned a mask yet, but I am sure it will look like a ski gator….stay well, and see out outdoors walking.

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