California Road Trip

We packed up Big Red for another road trip last week.  This time we took a trip to California for hub’s family reunion. The trip to the Bay Area from Phoenix Metro is a long ol’ drive.  But three generations of Lulis men had the opportunity to love on their family thanks to John’s sister […]

Crispy Smashed Potatoes

Grilling season leaves so many options for delicious side dishes – especially those that include potatoes.  Pairing up with grilled pork loin, I made Crispy Smashed Potatoes and they were the star of the show. Potatoes We had a mixture of small red and yellow potatoes that needed to be used up.  Since they were […]

Follow Up Review of Temu

It’s now been a few weeks since I’ve placed my first orders, and here is my honest follow up review of Temu. Shipping Shipping is no charge with a minimum order of $10.  There is no need to pay for a membership such as Amazon and Walmart offer. Amazon, Target and Walmart have much more […]

Simple & Small Snack Board

Perfect for happy hour, I put together a simple and small snack board using, you guessed it:  Trader Joe’s nummies. Summer seems like the time to put together something light and simple to snack on.  So, as things go in my kitchen, why not put it on a board? Beautiful warm wooden boards or cool […]

TJ Maxx Beauty Haul – Price Comparisons

Saving a lot of money on products you won’t use isn’t much of a savings.  But what if?  What if you can save money and love what you get?  And what if you can get stuff you already know you love or you would like to try?  Let’s say you can get it at TJ […]

Bissell Spot Cleaner

Other than normal cleaning, cooking and patio blowing – which all seems to be endless – nothing much going on around here. I did take the little Bissell spot cleaner for a ride in my bedroom and wanted to show you how it went. What I Love It’s so easy to store and retrieve this […]

Refreshing Summer Drinks

If endless glasses of iced tea and bottles of water have you bored this season, here are some of the refreshing summer drinks I’m treating myself to. Large Acrylic Goblets Early in the season I found a set of 12 Tommy Bahama acrylic glasses at TJ Maxx.  They are humongous.  As in an entire can […]

Salad Bar Board

Too hot to cook?  Here’s a different twist on an at-home salad bar – a salad bar board. Using different cutting implements for variety and using ingredients for a well-balanced meal, this board will give you a yummy and satisfying summer meal without heating up your kitchen. I used the Mueller Chopper for carrots and […]

Wrangling Waste Baskets

Here are a few tips I use in the kitchen for wrangling waste baskets. Making a dirty job a little better. Our kitchen waste baskets – one for trash and one for recycle – live in a dedicated cabinet next to the sink. It’s nice to have them out of the way.  Especially since our […]