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TJ Maxx Beauty Haul – Price Comparisons

Saving a lot of money on products you won’t use isn’t much of a savings.  But what if?  What if you can save money and love what you get?  And what if you can get stuff you already know you love or you would like to try?  Let’s say you can get it at TJ Maxx for a big discount. Interested?

Today I’m sharing a recent TJ Maxx beauty haul, doing the price comparisons and giving you my honest reviews.

Nice Brands

Our local Maxx store has really upped their cosmetics department.  No more wading through trashed products or sloppy seconds.

They have really nice brands out on display and really, really nice brands in a locked cabinet.  

A wonderful sales person was available to help me every time I had a question or needed a product from the display.  She even pointed out a buzzer on the locked cabinet if I needed additional help.


I’m fairly minimal in my cosmetics purchases throughout the year, but I’m always in search of the holy grail for moisturizers. All year long. Even during this humid season, I’m looking for moisturizers.

A pleasing scent is nice, but too much fragrance is a no go.

Thick and rich is the goal, but not too greasy.

You get the picture.

A few months ago I found Dirty Works Miracle Cream (which I’d heard good things about), tried it and am now a repeat customer.

The Maxx price is $5.99 for 50 ml.  The Amazon price is $14.31.  More than double the cost!

Hempz is such a wonderful brand of body lotion.  The fragrances are so delightful without being in the least overwhelming.  The texture of the lotion is so nice. 

I know of two beauty workers (is that the term for people in the industry who are entitled to discounts?) who purchase the lotion in bulk from the supply stores.  Yep, it’s that good.

Imagine my surprise when I saw large 17 oz bottles for $12.99.  I scooped up two and I’ll probably go back for more.  Except I already have other large bottles of lotion in my linen closet that have to be used up first.

Anyway, again comparing to Amazon, the same bottle is $18.44.  About 30% less money.

For giggles I got Teen Again Korean cream. If I look 17 again, I’ll let you know. 😉


You are dying to hear my theory on perfume-wearing, aren’t you?  Perfume is very personal.  Like for your nose and maybe that of your lover.  Or cat.  Those in your personal space. 

Not for co-workers or strangers next to you at the theater or on the plane.

No.  Not for those people.

So when I wear fragrance, I like something light and I use it sparingly and in a spot where it doesn’t knock everyone over.  Like perhaps behind my knees.

Then when I sweat during a workout and I go to stretch, my knees release a bit of scent that is pleasing to only me.

Like my theory?

Needless to say a bottle of cologne or perfume lasts me a long time.  I recently bought a small bottle of one of my favorites, Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana and wasn’t really in the market for another.  But when I saw Maxx had bottles in their locked cabinet, I snagged one.

The price at Ulta (where I purchased my last bottle) is $92 for 1.6 oz.  TJ Maxx?  $50.

Like always, if you see something you want, even if you don’t need it this exact second, it might be prudent to pick it up because they might not carry it again.  So I bought a big ol’ bottle of cologne.


TJ Maxx is carrying many more items that are cruelty-free which makes me so happy.  Honest is a new-to-me brand and I was intrigued by their “Healthy Serum Lash Tint.”  The highly rated product at Ulta sells for $20 and I picked it up for $4.

And so far I really like it.  It’s very light which is perfect for sweaty summer days.  Users online swear it makes their lashes grow.  Hmmm.

Tinted Moisturizer

Purchasing foundation is tricky without trying it on.  Especially since my face is a wildly different color than the rest of my body.  I need a pretty dark foundation so I don’t look like a ghost.

The sweet lady at Maxx allowed me to open the boxes and look at some of the colors of tinted moisturizers.  I didn’t squeeze any out or anything like that.  It’s not like I would be laying down a lot of cash but I did want to be in the ballpark with a color that might work.

Milk Makeup Sunshine Skin Tint sells for $42 on their site.  I bought a bottle for $15.  This product has almost perfect reviews.  Again, this company is committed to clean ingredients and is cruelty free.

I haven’t used this yet, but I’ll update you when I do.

Wrap Up

Warm weather has come upon us in the Valley of the Sun.  Outdoor activities are now limited to early or late (or the pool).  So shopping seems like a natural activity to keep us entertained in the heat.

But knowing me, this may be the end of my shopping for a while. I don’t even remember the last shopping trip I shared? Maybe the dollar store from June? If you really need shopping guidance, this might not be the best blog.

I will say I was not tempted by one single thing on Amazon Prime Day.  Were you?  I was quite happy this week with my TJ Maxx beauty haul.

Blessings on a wonderful weekend!