Simple & Small Snack Board

Perfect for happy hour, I put together a simple and small snack board using, you guessed it:  Trader Joe’s nummies.

Summer seems like the time to put together something light and simple to snack on.  So, as things go in my kitchen, why not put it on a board?

Beautiful warm wooden boards or cool marble boards make everything look so special.  Even if it is all packaged goods.

Nothing homemade here.  Just open a few bags and feast!

This board is simple and small, but it substantial enough to serve as a small meal and soak up a little G&T (or other summery beverage).

Here’s what I did.

Hefty Ingredients

Hummus and pita serve as the “main course” on this board.  TJs usually carries the BEST jalapeno and pine nut hummus but hasn’t had it recently.  I made due by sprinkling plain hummus with a few pine nuts I had on hand and then added a side of Hot & Sweet Pickled Jalapenos.  Those babies are hot and not for everyone, so issue warnings if you decide to serve them!

Not so hefty, but delish for scooping hummus are the Pretzel Thins.  They are a cross between a pretzel and a cracker.  Kind of addicting, so you might want to limit yourself to a handful.


If those ingredients are not quite salty enough, I sprinkled a package of nuts in the bare board spots. 

Chunks of cheddar were cut small enough to fit perfectly on a Pretzel Thin.

Kalamata olives are always in my fridge, so a couple of those on an appetizer dish is just right.


Snacky Clusters are new and I’m just saying here and now.  Do not buy them.  You will eat the entire bag after your guests leave.  They are crunched-up potato chips, corn chips and pretzels covered in milk chocolate.  Yep, they didn’t leave anything out. 

They are so rich they could give you a headache, but then you want another.

Dried cranberry or apricots are always nice to add for a bit of sweetness and tartness all at once.

Wrap Up

I told you it was simple.  But everything was so good.  This small board for two or three is really nice and makes any happy hour a little more special.

Pop the cork or add a little citrus to sparkling water and cool off a bit.