All About You

This post is dedicated to you!  Yep, it’s all about you and following up on questions, suggestions and feedback you’ve given me over the past year. First of all, thank you so much for being here with me and I’m looking forward to sharing more with you in 2024. We still haven’t come up with […]

Easy Entertaining Tips for a Stress-Free Gathering

If you are hosting for the holidays here are a few of my favorite easy entertaining tips for a stress-free gathering. So prepare yourself now to enjoy your guests and have a wonderful party, rather large or small. Tip #1 Don’t Clean, Do Declutter If you have a room you won’t be using and it […]

Six Amazon Purchases That Changed My Day

I cancelled Amazon Prime this year, so my Amazon purchases have been WAY down, but here are some finds I use every single day.  And every single day they make my life a little better.  Honestly! In fact, three of them are repeat purchases because I added more to what I already had. Colorfulkoala Yoga […]

Market at the Park

For locals (or anyone who wants to come visit me this weekend), my friend Leslie has a booth at the Anthem Market at the Park on Sunday. Rags Resale is selling adorable and beautiful clothes and accessories, if I know her! The flyer with all the details is below. And! The weather is forecast for […]

Five Gift-Worthy Books

As we kick off Thanksgiving week, the seasonal shopping frenzy begins.  Here are five gift-worthy books you might want to consider for the bibliophiles on your shopping list. And maybe if your loved one isn’t really a reader, do not fear!  Some of these are more like picture books 😉. Not only are these books highly […]


And in other non-news reporting from my household.  I’ve been undecorating.  Snooze.  I know.  But I’m making room for a few new things I want to share. And.  I have to undecorate first.  It feels like it’s been so long since I have bought anything new.  I’m still decluttering and downsizing, but all the “making […]


Praise the Lord in heaven that stylish footwear now includes sneakers!  As opposed to say, stilettos.  For which my back, my knees, my ankles and my feet thank the fashion gods (not in heaven above, BTW). Where I come from athletic gym shoes are called “tennis” shoes.  Because I tend to spend a lot of […]

Simple & Small Snack Board

Perfect for happy hour, I put together a simple and small snack board using, you guessed it:  Trader Joe’s nummies. Summer seems like the time to put together something light and simple to snack on.  So, as things go in my kitchen, why not put it on a board? Beautiful warm wooden boards or cool […]

Bissell Spot Cleaner

Other than normal cleaning, cooking and patio blowing – which all seems to be endless – nothing much going on around here. I did take the little Bissell spot cleaner for a ride in my bedroom and wanted to show you how it went. What I Love It’s so easy to store and retrieve this […]

Salad Bar Board

Too hot to cook?  Here’s a different twist on an at-home salad bar – a salad bar board. Using different cutting implements for variety and using ingredients for a well-balanced meal, this board will give you a yummy and satisfying summer meal without heating up your kitchen. I used the Mueller Chopper for carrots and […]