Yummy Baked Glazed Donuts

If you know me well, you know that donuts are not on my list of things I eat.  Ever.  As in the past 20 years.  They are just too full of fat and sugar.  And I can eat six at a time.  And never get full.  All in all, just a bad food choice for […]

Trip to Corpus Christi

Wow, I took my first business trip in a year to Corpus Christi, Texas.  Since I have never visited that city and the weather was nice, I got out as much as I could to explore. I want to share a few things I did after work hours. South Texas Botanical Gardens Now, I don’t […]

T J Maxx Cosmetics Haul

While on a recent business trip, I spent an evening perusing the aisles of the local T J Maxx, taking my time and restocking some necessities (read:  underwear) that have gotten a bit worn over the quarantine. I wasn’t really shopping for cosmetics. But then. I ran into Catherine. Sales associate par excellence. She made […]

Family Room Table Update

Here’s a little secret.  The coffee table and end table in our family room were not only very old, they were purchased second hand.   And I loved them.  We had them painted black a few years ago and I loved them even more. But.  It was time to move on. Most of the furniture […]

Two Dallas Projects

These are not my home improvements and I had nothing to do with the planning or implementation (can you tell I’m a project manager in my other life), but two of my friends who live in the Dallas area sent pics of their recent projects and I wanted to share them here. Backyard Oasis DF […]

Super Easy Veggie Tray

Taking just a few minutes to prepare fresh veggies over purchasing a prepared tray at the grocery store is well worth the time and effort. Crudités are my favorite contribution to a get together and are guaranteed to be the healthiest thing on the buffet. Here are a few reasons why I take the time […]

Small Organizing Projects

We don’t have any large-scale organization projects on the list this year, but we have been taking some tiny bites out of areas that somehow got crazy messed up since our last good clean out. Office Desk I like to think of myself as a neat person. Sort of a clean person without being a […]

Valentine Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

Valentine’s day is coming right up and it seems like a good time to think of doing a little something special for those you love.  Even if the one you love is yourself. How about chocolate molten lava cake?  For one?  Yep, it’s a mug cake. For our Valentine’s celebration, I’m going to whip up […]