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Family Room Table Update

Here’s a little secret.  The coffee table and end table in our family room were not only very old, they were purchased second hand.  

And I loved them.  We had them painted black a few years ago and I loved them even more.

But.  It was time to move on.

Old Family Room Tables

Most of the furniture in the family room came from Pottery Barn.  And though I regularly drink the Pottery Barn Kool-Aid, I really didn’t want to wait their long lead time or pay their high delivery charge.

So hub and I looked through the Pottery Barn catalog and their table offerings. Sure enough, we easily agreed on a couple of looks that we both liked and thought would look good in the room.


We went to Wayfair and pretty closely replicated the look we wanted for a fraction of the cost, no shipping charge and about a week and a half lead time.  How many wins is that?

We ordered the Carolyn Coffee Table and End Table.  

Boxed Tables

The tables came packaged very well and delivered by FedEx.  Of course you know Roxy had to get right in there and help.  When FedEx rang the doorbell, the other two cats were long gone.  But not that stink-pot.  She wasn’t a bit put off.  In fact, she was so happy we ordered some new packaging for her.

Roxy Assembling New Tables

John got everything assembled without my help lickety split and it looks great.

The tables are a distressed dark brown.  It’s so funny because the first day it was together, Kinsey crawled up on the table and started pawing at one of the distress holes.

Distressed Table Top

We do miss the drawer we had in the end table that housed the remotes and extra coasters, but que sera sera.  We will make it work.

Of course, there can never be just one project without it bleeding into another.  Do you think we need to update our kitchen furniture now?

What I’m Reading

On audio I’m listening to the first book written by one of my favs, Martin Clark. The Many Aspects of Mobile Home Living is the latest on my phone.

I have to say, I’m not loving it.  Wah wah.  It’s really crude and the characters aren’t really likeable.  Two of my boxes are not checked here. The writing is good; I cannot complain about that. And the story is pretty captivating.

The narrator is Henry Strozier and I’m not certain he’s the right match for the story.  He’s got a deep, James Arness sort of voice.  He sounds too old for the character.  

I don’t know, it’s just all off and I’m sad because I was really looking forward to it.  I am going to finish it, but I’m not recommending it.

In print I’m reading a Thomas Perry and so far LOVE.  Strip is a thriller and not one of Perry’s many series.  I’ll write in more detail when I’m finished, but I’m already hooked.  And since I’m stranded at the airport with a delayed flight as I write this, I’m happy for a good read.

What I’m Eating

I have really hit the road traveling for work and haven’t lifted a hand in food preparation.  It’s always a juggling act finding food I like, can eat and is somewhat healthy when I’m traveling.  It seems if I find a place I like, I frequent it during a trip.  

Croque Monsieur

While in El Paso, I ate at la Madeleine’s.  Twice.  I really wish we had one in Phoenix because I can eat that French bread all day, every day.  Oh, maybe that’s a problem.

In any case, I ordered a half croque monsieur with a cranberry pecan side salad for lunch.  Ham and cheese is not the lightest meal, but getting half a sandwich seemed reasonable.

On another visit to the restaurant, I ordered a kale and quinoa salad (or salade, as they say) to eat in my hotel room.  Now, you can’t argue about the goodness of that dish.


I ordered a baguette and butter on the side.  And I do not feel one bit guilty. I just don’t. Besides, it was a smallish baguette.

I might try to recreate the kale and quinoa at home, but sub the kale with arugula.  I am never happy eating kale I prepare myself.

Here are the ingredients for that wonderful salad:

Mediterranean marinated cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, green onions, feta in massaged kale and quinoa.

Looks like all the travel I’m doing for the next several weeks is going to delay the project planning I had in mind for our home and yard this year.

I’ll be sure to share it as we go along.  Sending love and blessings as always. XO

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