My Favorite (and Useful) Three Phone Apps

Phone apps are such a personal thing, aren’t they?  I think you can tell a lot about a person if you were to discover their favorite apps.  Well, today, I’m baring myself and sharing my favorite (and useful) three phone apps Libby For anyone who knows me, this app comes as no surprise.  Libby is […]

Around Town in February

We had an unusually busy (and fun) week with various activities around town in February and here is a recap. Latin Night DF Barb got our posse all signed up for the club’s Latin Night dinner this week. It was a very fancy taco Tuesday buffet. The décor was cute, the food was good and […]

Wool Dryer Balls

Not being a fan of dryer sheets or liquid fabric softener (though that Snuggle smells SO good!) I have been intrigued by all I’ve read about wool dryer balls. I purchased a package of six from Amazon for $20 and here is how it’s going. Reviews and Company Info With over 63,000 almost-five-star ratings I […]

Free Pintable Art and Crockpot Beef and Broccoli

Some random morning thoughts including free printable art, a recipe for crockpot beef and broccoli and catching up on book reviews. Enjoying an early spring morning with a cup o’ joe and suddently inspiration hits.  I’d like a cute piece of cheerful art for my beverage station reflecting my favorite season. And I want it […]

Quick Weekend Food Prep

Here are some tips for quick weekend food prep which will save you time the rest of the week. And help to avoid wasting food. Do you remember the adage, “Waste not, want not”?  I think my mom used that to mean if you finish your canned peas you will not want that chocolate pudding. […]

Around Town

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any activities around town, but this has been a busy week.  Both for me and for the whole Phoenix metro area.  Here’s what we did around town. Super Bowl Sunday marks football’s big day.  I no longer really care about football and haven’t watched the game in a […]

Things I’m Replacing Sooner

When ya find a good thing ya just don’t want to let it go.  Am I right?  I’ll hold onto my favorites for a long time.  But really.  There are things I’m replacing sooner this year.  I’m resolving! Perhaps my life would be a smidge better if I wasn’t worried about slipping on a wet […]

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Easy, healthy and room for lots of adaptions, here is my version of an old Cooking Light recipe for Chicken Tortilla Soup. DF Barb let me know that Saturday’s post didn’t have a recipe link for the chicken tortilla soup, so I thought I would type that up quickly and post here. It’s based on […]

Costco Rotisserie Chicken – Four Meals

Are you one who lines up in Costco’s butcher shop waiting for the delivery of hot, fresh rotisserie chicken?  Well, if you are (like we are) here is what I did with the recent purchase of a Costco rotisserie chicken.  I made four meals! Why Costco Chicken? Frankly, I don’t love chicken and I love […]