My Favorite (and Useful) Three Phone Apps

Phone apps are such a personal thing, aren’t they?  I think you can tell a lot about a person if you were to discover their favorite apps.  Well, today, I’m baring myself and sharing my favorite (and useful) three phone apps


For anyone who knows me, this app comes as no surprise.  Libby is a library app that allows users to link their library card to download audiobooks, eBooks, movies, TV shows, magazines and Kindle books free. 

Libby syncs among all devices including a laptop to conveniently access reading material wherever you are.

With thousands of choices, there are always plenty of recommendations and perhaps my favorite feature (besides audiobook player, of course)?  “My History.”  Yes, it tells me what I have already read.  Sometimes I need that reminder – especially when I read or listen to series of books.

This app ensures I am never without reading material.

Not a streaming service, rather a download service, so no internet connection necessary!



Musi is a new-to-me app, so I have yet to discover all the power and convenience it offers.  What I love about it is that it allows me to listen to all my YouTube material even while my phone is locked.   That is great because keeping YT open while streaming a song or podcast and trying to exercise is a hassle.

The menu allows the user to select favorites, playlists, set a timer, and search music on other apps (such as YT).

And.  It’s all FREE.


Fast FODMAP Lookup & Learn

Okay, this one might come as a surprise.  Fast FODMAP is an app I discovered by serendipity recently. 

I’ve gotten very lazy about a low FODMAP diet and my SIBO symptoms have raised their ugly heads.

Low FODMAP eating is counterintuitive, so whipping out this app to check on allowable foods has been a game changer.

Fast FODMAP Lookup & Learn is a free service to easily look up any food to see if it is rated low, medium or high value (low FODMAP value is the goal). 

The “Learn” part of the app is a game to quiz the user on common foods and what they think the value might be.

I am now using this app daily and am back on an eating plan that is much easier to navigate.

Now, I’m aware that chances are you do not need this particular app, but my point in sharing this info is that I never even considered exploring an app to help me with my eating journey and it turns out there are a lot out there just specific to SIBO. Every eating plan on earth must have a nifty app.

If you have something new in your life you’re struggling to incorporate, consider looking for an app to assist you.  Chances are you’ll find lots of helpful options.

Wrap Up

We had a quiet weekend. Mostly because the weather was cold and crummy. As in our backyard was covered in hail two separate times Sunday afternoon.

I stayed at the gym and did a good, long step work out, body bar and 20 minutes of stretching. No sense in trying to enjoy a nature walk in that nonsense.

I know so many are struggling with weather right now. Prayers for spring to get here quickly!