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Around Town in February

We had an unusually busy (and fun) week with various activities around town in February and here is a recap.

Latin Night

DF Barb got our posse all signed up for the club’s Latin Night dinner this week. It was a very fancy taco Tuesday buffet.

The décor was cute, the food was good and the Latin guitarist was great.

Home Free Concert

DF Deb turned me on to this great acapella country band, Home Free, a while back and DF Denisse (way back in November) found they were coming to town for a concert this week. We all bought tickets, thank goodness, back then because the concert was sold out.

The venue didn’t lend itself to much socializing amongst our group, but the concert was great.

Guess what? John and I didn’t get home until 11:00 that night. What? I know.

Biscuits Café

Hub and I had an early morning appointment Thursday and he wanted to stop for breakfast. We were near Biscuits Café which we have passed a million times and I have always wanted to eat there.

Well. Can I tell you it did not disappoint?

The picture in my head was a cute country café with checked curtains and tablecloths.

Imagine my surprise when we walked in and were wowed by upscale urban chic décor and flights of mimosas.

The food was good and the coffee was strong. Even on a Thursday morning it was full.

Mimosas didn’t make it to our table, but the strawberries that came with my meal had a giant side of delish whipped cream.

If you have a Biscuits Café near you, I am recommending it!

World Market Spring 2023

Easter and Spring shopping cheers me up to no end. You know how much I love spring!

Here are a few things that tickled my fancy at World Market.

Living Room

Something about this rich sectional and gorgeous moody art really caught my eye. Modern décor is so popular now and it’s pulling me in.

What do you think?

Outdoor Furniture Set

The combination of neutral fabric and the stunning fringed umbrella is striking. This minimal look is thousands of dollars, so it won’t be making it to my backyard anytime soon, but when I win the lottery….

Easter Table

Bunny ears everywhere. To be honest, a few bunnies have appeared in my kitchen this week. You know how bunnies are, they just appear out of nowhere.

Bunny ear napkin rings are a must, right? Look at all this cute stuff.

Not really Easter, but I am seriously considering the fringed woven placemats. They are not online yet, but in the store they are very pretty.

Now look at the close up of these goblets. I am so in love. Like an adorable kitten that needs a home, I cannot get these out of my mind.

Don’t ask my where they get their name, Kate Optic Coupe Glasses. But no mind. What’s in a name?

Here is a quote from an online review: “These sweet glasses make me feel like the classiest, bougiest lady each and every time I use them.”

Since I want to be classy and bougie, they are going on my list. Actually, scratch that. They completely skipped over my list and I just ordered them for store pick up.

Bougie, here I come just in time for the weekend. I can picture myself wearing a muumuu and sipping a champagne cocktail.

Wrap Up

What big weekend plans do you have? Seems like I might need to stay at home and recharge the old batteries!

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