Laundry Room Refresh

For the past, ummmm, few WEEKS, I’ve been hinting I have a little remodel project to share with you.  But.  Week after week. Nothing.  Probably like many of you, we’ve been suffering from the shortages and shipping problems plaguing the world.  So what started out as a quick little refresh turned into our laundry room […]

Fourth of July

At the height of my favorite season comes my favorite holiday.  Whether you decide to celebrate big this year or keep it low-key, here some easy, festive and budget-friendly tips to enjoy the Fourth. Flowers Most people can go outside and gather a few fresh flowers, put them in a Mason jar with a ribbon […]

Homemade Fudgesicle-Inspired Ice Pops and Orange Creamsicles

Is it over 100 degrees where you are right now?  Yep, here too. Is it just my crazy logic or do you believe, too, that we deserve a cold sweet extravagance for putting up with it? Last year I shared the recipe for homemade strawberry lemonade popsicles and I’m up for the challenge of new […]

Painted Console Table

Several years ago we purchased a rustic table from a local Mexican store.  The distressed green paint was funky and fun.  But.  This is a really long story. The pine hutch that currently lives in our dining room is, in my humble opinion, beautiful and holds a soft spot in my heart for reasons I […]

Bringing the Picnic Indoors

Making a contingency plan for rain is nothing I worry about living in sunny Arizona.  But living in sunny Arizona means that sometimes it is too uncomfortably hot to sit outdoors and eat, but picnic food is still on the summer menu. No, I’m not one of those people who thinks an indoor picnic needs […]

Semi Homemade Tacos

Do you remember the cooking show with adorable Sandra Lee called Semi Homemade or something like that?  She always had a tablescape theme and a cocktail to match.  Who wouldn’t love that? In keeping with her theory of semi-homemade, I want to share what taco night looks like around here. Our tacos are partially fresh […]

Early Summer Activities

Memorial Day weekend was wonderful around here and was the perfect kick off to summer and all the activities that are already started.  Yep, summer is hot around here.  But I love it anyway and we are having so much fun.  I’m going to share some of the early summer activities we are doing around […]

Crockpot Heirloom Chicken

Is it at all concerning to you to cook a chicken breast and it may or may not be bigger than yours?  Breast, that is.  Not trying to get personal here, but gees, chickens are small animals and their parts shouldn’t be bigger than mine. So, I heard about Heirloom Chicken sold fresh at Trader […]

Summer Days

Did anyone else think May felt a bit funky?  I can’t exactly pinpoint it, but it wasn’t the fantastic month I thought it would be.  There were most certainly very high points like Mt. Rushmore and a sister visit.  But.  There was work drama, travel drama (I got clunked very hard on the head on […]