Painted Console Table

Several years ago we purchased a rustic table from a local Mexican store.  The distressed green paint was funky and fun.  But. 

This is a really long story.

The pine hutch that currently lives in our dining room is, in my humble opinion, beautiful and holds a soft spot in my heart for reasons I won’t go into here.


The pine hutch really isn’t in style anymore and doesn’t really represent my style.  But it does match the dining table and chairs. Sort of.  We discussed selling or donating it.  I flip flopped for weeks about it.

At the end of the day, I am just not ready to part with it.  I gave it a little paring down of accessories and used mostly Pottery Barn pieces.  Which I still love.

While I was removing some faux plants, Roxy gave me some assistance.  Do you get tired of looking at her?  Oh, good.

So.  Long story, sorry.  The painted green table just wasn’t cutting it in the same room with the French provincial look in the great room dining area.

So we gave some new paint.  Opting for a little refresh instead of a total replacement. And.  I’m so happy with it.

Here is what we did.


We gave it a bath with Simple Green and then rinsed off and let it dry.  Which took about 3 seconds in our 100+ degree heat and low humidity.


There are plenty of one-step furniture painting kits, but the Home Depot trip of the day hub takes came up short on that.

Instead the folks at Home Depot suggested Kilz2 all-purpose primer and Behr Cabinet and Trim enamel paint.


We decided to leave the top and trim in the natural wood and see if we liked the look. 

Here is a true story.  I’m not allowed to hold a paint brush.  Like magic, when I get anywhere near paint, there are spills and splotches throughout the entire house.  Rooms away from where it should be.  Mysterious but true.

So John taped off the natural wood and covered the floor for any little spots he might get.  Hardly any.  Compared to me.

Enlist Assistance

You can see Roxy was right in the middle of this project.


After priming, John felt the table still needed two coats of paint.  Again, since the weather is hot and dry, it really took no time at all to completely dry. 

This was about a day and half project – we could have really done it in one day if we were pressed.

I really like the way the table turned out.  It’s still rustic, but much more in line with our dining room.

Looks like I won’t need to purchase anything new for this area for a while.  Yeah, right.

What I’m Reading

Work wiped me out this week, so I didn’t get much down time for reading.  That will be rectified this weekend, however, so I’ll have more to report next week.

What I’m Eating

Okay, this is bad.  Really bad.  Do you ever just need salt?  For dinner?  One puzzle night I put salty snacks in my TJ Maxx bowls and was happy as a clam.  You’ll be happy to know I didn’t eat all this in one day.

Reminiscent of our life in Reno, I feasted on a Port of Subs sandwich this week.  My co-workers and I walked to the local shop and had a yummy lunch.  Port of Subs was a local Reno chain and expanded to Phoenix.  My Texas colleagues hadn’t heard of it, but I certainly had.

I’m cleaning up my diet this week.  I swear.

Sending love and blessings on your weekend.

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  1. Love the table, but loved it when it was green too, Good job! Never get tired seeing Roxy.🥰

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