Simple Summer Entertaining – Setting Up the Bar

Is it too early to start anticipating summer gatherings?  If you’re on my same wavelength, maybe it’s time put together your strategies to ensure simple summer entertaining. Today’s edition is setting up the bar. We recently had a small get together and I documented some of the steps I took to make sure our bar […]

Physical Therapy Treatment for Sciatica

What in the world?  Treatment for sciatica?  Physical Therapy?  I thought this blog was about enjoying life.  None of that seems terrible enjoyable. Umm, well, I haven’t been very forthcoming around here.  Yes, I’ve still been enjoying life and I love sharing tips and tricks and helping motivate you to get things done in an […]

Athleta and Ulta Spring Haul

A small Athleta and Ulta spring haul was squeezed in between a couple of appointments. Sharing what I got, what I didn’t get, but loved and some of what I tried on. Athleta Frequent appointments to the west side of the Valley of the Sun has let me explore some new areas. DF Evon, who […]

Four (Husband-Approved) Make Ahead Freezer Meals

Make ahead freezer meals are perfect for busy families, aren’t they?  But when you’re not busy and not much else to do?  Why in the world would you need to prep freezer meals?  Well, here are a few reasons why and four (husband-approved) make ahead freezer meals that have been a big hit in our […]

Raised Garden Bed

The absolute cutest raised garden bed with a shelf and wheels and hooks appeared on the Walmart feed and spoke to me.  My herbs were saying, “We need this new home!” Walmart seems to have really upped their outdoor game the past couple of years.  Each time I see the perfect outdoor seating set or […]

Checking Out the Pottery Barn Outlet

Although it’s on the far side of town, we sometimes enjoy checking out the Pottery Barn Outlet and seeing if they have any deals worth the drive. The Deals Upon entering, there is a prominent sign clearly stating the day’s deals.  They change frequently and are not advertised, so the only way to know what […]

Simple Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken

Placing these few ingredients in the Crockpot on a Saturday morning before Pickleball (him) or hiking (me) and coming home to a yummy smelling house and a hot meal is the way to go. The cooked chicken shreds quickly with two forks and then returns into the hot crockpot to saturate in the sauce. I […]

First Time at the Mall (in a Really Long Time)

Years and years of online shopping meant I could avoid the hassle of visiting a mall.  This week we went to the mall for the first time in a really, really, really long time. Guess what?  It was kind of fun.   It brought back memories of girlfriend days.  And we checked out some old favorites […]

Garage Spring Cleaning

One of the most used parts of our home and our least attractive is the garage.  I just dread what needs to be done in there.  But we did get motivated for some garage spring cleaning and I hope to motivate you too. In Arizona, cleaning the garage is complicated.  Because it’s too hot.  Or […]