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First Time at the Mall (in a Really Long Time)

Years and years of online shopping meant I could avoid the hassle of visiting a mall.  This week we went to the mall for the first time in a really, really, really long time.

Guess what?  It was kind of fun.   It brought back memories of girlfriend days.  And we checked out some old favorites (See’s Chocolates!) and some new cutie pie shops.

Let me clarify.  I mean an old-fashioned indoor mall with the anchor department stores, food court, crowded parking.  Visiting the outdoor mall does not count and I certainly go there on occasion.

Desperate Need for Shoes

While not quite ready for old-lady ortho shoes, comfort shoes with good support are pretty important.  Gone are the days of those gorgeous high heels.

My shoe game really needed some upping.  Online shopping was just not showing me what I wanted and I know Dillard’s has always has a good selection of shoes.  So on a recent run into the mall-part-of-town, we made a stop.

Oh my!  The sweet young woman at Dillard’s was so helpful.  I had stacks of boxes all around me.  I ended up with three new pair, breaking a cardinal rule:  “Buy only on sale.”  Yes, I paid full price for all three.  Instead of student loans, people at my age need Comfort Shoe Loans.

Killing Some Time

Here’s the thing.  Dillard’s doesn’t open until 11:00.  What?!  So we walked to the Macy’s end of the mall checking out the mall and killing some time until 11.

There are a lot of different stores nowadays.  Many of them carry merchandise targeted to a different demographic so they didn’t register on my radar, but they were very nice looking.


I got mad at Macy’s about ten years ago and stopped shopping there.  Entering the store was a blast from the past because nothing has changed.

In the spirit of nostalgia, I visited the Clinique counter and found the exact lipstick color (Raspberry Glace) I wore for years and years.  I love that lipstick.

Now, per my last beauty post, there are umpteen million choices for cosmetics now, but I decided to grab a tube of this old favorite and it was on nonstop wear all weekend and I couldn’t be happier.  I didn’t realize how much I missed it.

Cracker Barrel

The country store in the front of Cracker Barrel stores sometimes offers the best gems.  It’s more fun than ordering the Old Timers Breakfast.  Okay, not really.

DF Andrea sent me a pic of this HYSTERICAL water cup she picked up recently and I knew I had to have one too.

She’s not nearly as snarky as I am but we are on the same wave with this one. It’s kind of hard to read in this pick, but it says: “I may look fine, but in my mind I’ve pecked you a hundred times.”

So while we were out and about we got a bit o’ breakfast and I got the LAST cup.  I cannot wait to take it to the gym!

SummerWinds Nursery

Also on our run, we stopped at SummerWinds and I picked up some replacement herbs.  I got parsley, rosemary and trailing thyme.

I ordered a new garden bed and I cannot wait to show it to you if it turns out as cute as the online pic!

Shopping Wrap Up

Here’s a pic of all my shopping booty.  Pretty fun, huh? 

Birthday Weekend

We had fun celebrating hub’s birthday this weekend.  Our Anthem posse (Barb, Stu and Evon) treated us to dinner Saturday night.  Lots of laughs and a beautiful night dining al fresco.

Sunday, Denisse, Ryan, Evon and I took John to the new Tiger Woods Popstroke putting course and entertainment center.  It was one long day but we had so much fun and broke it up with a nice lunch at their restaurant.

Hiking (!)

Because of a combination of factors (including a very wet winter) I have really missed hiking.  My new poles were sitting in the closet patiently waiting for a chance to get out and get some use.

Deb and I took a short trip to the nearby Sonoran Preserve Trail.  The trail was pretty full of mountain bikers, and while I don’t love sharing the trails with them, they were all very polite and were also enjoying the gorgeous day.

Our main objective was to get out seeing the wildflowers and the trail didn’t disappoint.  California poppies, lupine, brittle brush and gerbera daisies were so pretty.  We had fun looking for good photo spots.

Weekend Wrap Up

What a wonderful, busy weekend we had.  I am so overflowing with gratitude for the people in my life and for you taking a few minutes to share my story with me.

Many blessings on your week ahead!

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  1. HI show us the shoes! I am in the same boat. Nothing comfortable AND fashionable in my closet. Also need flip flops, not those slides or Berkies. Not my syle.

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