Early Fall Décor at World Market

Summer is still in full gear here, but many retail stores have leapfrogged right to Christmas.  I took a look at the early fall décor at World Market this week and wanted to share their pretties with you. I am not an affiliate, but I will share links where I can find them. Seems like […]

A Little Summer Travel

The blessing of visiting family, friends and new places came our way and today I’m sharing a little summer travel.  I’ll try not to bore you with all the details like a travelogue, but here is a bit of what we did early on this season. There was a lot of fun hanging around home […]


I channeled my inner Mediterranean this week and whipped up some fresh tzatziki to go with some yummy pita and frozen falafel I picked up on my Trader Joe’s run. DF Denisse (who really is of Greek descent and not just a poseur like I am) told me how easy it is to use up […]

Dining Table and Chairs

It was way past time to bring our dining table and chairs into the 21st century.  But when you love something, it’s hard to say goodbye.  Don’t you think?  So, after heart-wrenching months, the decision was made to sell the bookcase in our dining room and the table and chairs. Hub sold everything on FB […]

August Costco Run        

Now you might be thinking – is this blog running out of material?  An August Costco Run post?  Hmmm?  No, I really do think it is interesting that small households of two or even one person can enjoy and benefit from belonging to Costco.  Full disclosure – hub did the latest run.  When I join […]

Amazon Home Finds for the Bedroom

Shopping online can sometimes be risky, but it’s so handy, right?  I know not everyone likes big companies like Amazon and Walmart, but they have become increasingly easy to use and sort of perfect for a lazy person like myself. Today I’m sharing some recent Amazon home finds for the bedroom that worked out well […]

Anthropologie for Home

This spring and summer I wanted a few colorful touches here and there.  Anthropologie for home has so many vibrant choices.  If you don’t want to jump into the deep end (like buying an emerald green velvet sofa), but stick your toe in (like buying a velvet throw pillow), some of these suggestions might hit […]

Amazon Finds for the Bathroom

Yes, I took a bit of time off from blogging, but not much time off from looking at other blogs and vlogs.  And finding super stuff I didn’t know I needed because they looked so good on the other blogs.  Here are the Amazon finds for the bathroom I would recommend. Tissue Box Cover This […]

Homemade Grape Juice

Enjoying the bounty of the season (meaning I had more grapes than I know what to do with), I brewed a cup o’ joe and strapped on an apron.  Next I put on one of my favorite Pandora stations – French Cooking Music.  And then.  I made homemade grape juice.  Yep, I channeled my grandma […]