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Amazon Finds for the Bathroom

Yes, I took a bit of time off from blogging, but not much time off from looking at other blogs and vlogs.  And finding super stuff I didn’t know I needed because they looked so good on the other blogs.  Here are the Amazon finds for the bathroom I would recommend.

Tissue Box Cover

This is one of Amazon’s number 1 sellers.  Well, who could resist buying that?  And who would want to be the only person on planet Earth without this cover on their tissues?  You have to admit those boxes you get from Costco really go with NOTHING in your house.  Am I right?

It’s nice, but John was not one bit impressed with the fact that I bought it to go on his vanity.  Honestly. I feel like it’s kind of masculine because it’s made of faux leather (otherwise known as pleather?).

It’s still on my recommend list, but don’t expect universal hoorahs in your house if you get the tissue box cover.

Olive Branches

Remember last year the big thing was fiddle leaf figs?  This year it’s all about olive trees.  Hub needed  some new greenery on this vanity because Kinsey chewed up all the old stuff that was up there.  Bent the heck out of it.  Cats!

And.  Since olive leaves are the big hit, and since these have almost five stars, I gave them a try.  Very pretty and a nice touch for a small corner.  And Kinsey has left them alone.  Score.

Motion Sensing Strip Light

Okay, we actually purchased this from Target, but I thought I would throw it on this list.  The LED motion strip lights can be set up for 20 or 60 seconds of activation and are perfect for dark night trips to the toilet.

Many people put them at the bottom of their cupboards, but John placed them right under his countertop.  That way it’s easy to turn them off in the morning.  Amazon seems to carry the same ones and I think they are nice to have.

The pic I took was in the morning, so you can’t really see how bright they are.

What I’m Reading

There are lots of books I need to catch you up on and a new flame I need to confess to, but for today, let me gush to you about Ann Patchett’s The Dutch House.

Purely by luck I came across the audio version because 1.  I finished my current audio selection and needed one pronto and 2.  It was on the “available now” list.

Tom Hanks is the narrator for this and since it’s written entirely in the first person of the male character, he is perfect.  Of course, he’s such a familiar actor, I couldn’t help but picture him as the character.  I’ve seen on Goodreads that the Hanks’ version is five stars and the written copy is four stars, so I think I’m on to something here.

Ann Patchett has been hit or miss with me.  Love a book, get disappointed with one.  But this one is a hit.

Everyone loves a book about a dysfunctional family.  Or is that just me?  Well, if you’re with me on that, keep reading.

The characters are rich and the setting, both in Pennsylvania and New York, are perfection.

Highly recommend, but mainly for the audio version!

Wrap Up

I heard from so many of you after my last post.  Thank you for reaching out – texting, emailing and calling.  It meant so much to me.  I just love you.  It’s such a joy to think about you reading this and sharing a bit about my life.  Even if it’s what I bought for the bathroom.

Cheers to a wonderful weekend and God bless.