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Anthropologie for Home

This spring and summer I wanted a few colorful touches here and there.  Anthropologie for home has so many vibrant choices.  If you don’t want to jump into the deep end (like buying an emerald green velvet sofa), but stick your toe in (like buying a velvet throw pillow), some of these suggestions might hit the mark.


With so many textures and colors, Anthro’s textile line is famously featured in design programs, magazines and blogs.  Many of the choices are edgy, but they are offered year after year and don’t seem to be trendy.

I found a beautiful bright yellow and blue velvet lumbar pillow that went really well with denim pillows I already had.  From World Market, I found a bright yellow round pillow to take the vibrant up another notch.  Their pillows are on sale right now.

For our bedroom I found a kitschy elephant lumbar pillow with bright pink – just enough for cheerful and not enough for too feminine or brash.

You can see some of their selection here.


The handcrafted Minka cement textured pot has been on my radar for a long time.  I used my birthday discount and splurged.  This vase gets almost perfect five-star reviews.  It adds a little contemporary vibe but is still rustic and somehow glam all at the same time.

I paired it with my faux tulips for a bright look in my living room.  Next season I’m envisioning some pretty fall leaves in there.


The number of beautiful textured and colorful vases on Anthropologie’s site is quite enticing.


I’ve raved before about the boulangerie jar candles.  I really need some smell-o-vision here because they make my kitchen smell like something wonderful is in the oven.  Whenever they go on sale, I stock up.  If you’ve ever received one of these as a gift from me, it’s because I love you.

The Capri candles are uber popular and smell really good, but they are strong and will ignite my allergies, so I’ve moved away from them.  They are nice though.

I am not an affiliate for any retail establishments, but linked for your enjoyment!

What I’m Eating

Dragon fruit!  DF Deb gifted me with a dragon fruit which I had never tried before.  After one look at it, I wasn’t too sure.  Hmmm.  It’s quite homely and I cannot image the first human who decided to cut into one and taste it.

But.  I put on my big-girl pants and dove right in.  Like a heavenly sweet kiwi.  Delish!  And full of nutrition.  I won’t be paying $6 for one, but when Sprouts has their next special, I’ll be adding one to the cart.

What I’m Reading

A new author for me, Barry Eisler, writes the John Rain series of novels and I’m reading A Clean Kill in Tokyo.  I know almost zero about Japan, so all the words and places are a little hard for me to embrace, but I’m getting there.  The character is interesting.  I’m always looking for a new adventure series, so I’m hopeful and will update you next week.

Speaking of that.  I have found a new love in my life.  Move over, Jack Reacher.  Sorry.  Orphan X, also known as Evan Smoak, is my new guy.  He’s a little young for me, but I’m dealing with it.

Seriously, this series is good.  I like the written books better than the one on audio I listened to, but I’m eating these like candy right now.  Check out Gregg Hurwitz and see what you think.  He has other books besides the Orphan X series and every one has been a fast and enjoyable read.

What are you reading now? Anything good I need to know about?

Blessings on your week!