Hello, There 2023

No reflections on 2022 here, but thank you for sharing my journey.  And, hello, there 2023. Let’s do this, shall we? Resolutions Do you make resolutions?  Neither do I.  What’s the point?  If something needs to be fixed or changed, why wait for a new year.  Am I right? So let’s not crowd the gym […]

After Christmas Clean Up

Merry week after Christmas to you.  How are you spending this week?  As is my normal practice, I’m all over after-Christmas clean up. I’m always anxious to clean my house and put Christmas décor away, but this year it seems really fitting because our temps are in the 70s and spring cannot be far away. […]

A New Project – German Schmear

It’s been awhile since we’ve tackled a project. But here is a new project – German Schmear. Or German Smear, just in case you’re not German. Remember when we redid hub’s office with a faux brick wall? We have loved the look in there, but the wall is pretty red and it didn’t have much […]

Sneak in Some Squats

Thank you for joining me on the last day of my December Fit Challenge. We’ve done a pretty good job so far, but to keep on track the last few days, I’m going to sneak in some squats. The best thing about squats is that you can get an easy set of 20-30 in just […]

Advice from a Personal Trainer

Today I’m posting advice from a personal trainer. Not just the stuff I do to keep myself above water. An actual professional! Thank you for joining my next-to-last December Fit Challenge post. It’s been so much more fun knowing you are coming along with me. My friend Brett Skelley is a personal trainer and golf […]

Grab a Buddy

Thanks if you’re joining me for the December Fit Challenge. We’re really counting down now! If you need a little more motivation, grab a buddy and let’s go. Walking, biking or working out is more fun and may hold you more accountable when you do it with a buddy. A buddy can be your spouse, […]

Shopping for Stocking Stuffers

Last-minute Christmas shopping is not how I roll, but I generally do get stocking stuffers closer to Christmas.  Let’s go shopping for Stocking Stuffers and I’ll show you what I get. Recipient Most years I’m purchasing for hub and son.  So two males.  But every once in a while I’m blessed by a sister visit […]

Skip the Scale

Welcome to the December Fit Challenge. Did you have a nice weekend? Did it include any goodies? If so, you might want to skip the scale for a few days. Here’s what I do. Weigh Less Often Lots of controversy around the bathroom scale these days. At my age I certainly don’t want to be […]

Do the Minimum

Happy weekend and thank you for checking in on the December Fit Challenge. By now in the holiday season, you might be overwhelmed and considering skipping exercise. So just do the minimum. Okay. So that’s a bit misleading. What I really mean is do the minimum and add one thing. It’s really easy to do […]

Eggplant “Meatballs”

Have the rich meals, drinks and desserts offered during this season left you craving something a little lighter? How about eggplant “meatballs”? An excess of eggplants from a recent produce box left me scratching my head for a yummy recipe and a way to freeze up extra meals. Skinnytaste to the rescue. Gina’s recipes never […]