How We Wrangled the Mess Under the Sink

We (by which I mostly mean John) have been doing some projects around the house and I thought I would share them. Most of our cabinets were upgraded a couple of years ago with roll-out racks to make access easier, but under our sinks was never addressed.  Those places are just black holes of Calcutta.  […]

Budget Fall Updates

On my last post, I shared my minimal and FREE fall kitchen decor update.  The great room is the other recipient of a seasonal update. As much as I really want new stuff, I’m restraining myself and here are my budget fall updates. The great room is my she-shed.  I hang out there and read […]

Fall Kitchen Decorations – No Shopping

I am easing into fall around here.  Our temps are still reaching into the 100s during the days, but the days are shorter and it just feels like fall.  So I’m starting to add a few things here and there in my home to mark the season. I am NOT shopping for any new autumn […]

Kitty Beauty Pageant

It’s probably not a secret that I love animals and am a cat mother.  I have had cats in my house since I was 18 years old.  That is a lot of years!  By now I’m quite advanced at it, and it’s a lucky thing since I have some feline naughty going on around here. […]

Trader Joe’s Freezer Staples

Grocery shopping is not high on my favorite-things list.  But!  Trader Joe’s is one of my happy places. Too bad the closest one is a 35-minute drive. Which means I don’t go every single week, but I get a lot of my staples there – especially freezer staples. The people who work at TJs are […]

Easing Into Fall

I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend.  We continue to carry on as if it’s summer here and throughout much of the West, but as close as Flagstaff, the weather will be changing.  They will be flirting with freezing night temperatures and my sister, Susie, who lives in Colorado Springs, will get her […]

Labor Day Weekend Meal Plan

I really don’t foresee any big plans over (yet another fairly locked down) holiday weekend, but I do want to minimize time in the kitchen, so I’m taking a little time now to get myself organized for the weekend meal plan. Here are some of my easy and healthy(ish) go-to menus for relaxed weekend eating. […]

Visit to Waggin’ Vineyard and Estate

This weekend we celebrated our DF Denisse’s birthday with a visit to Globe, Arizona and Waggin’ Vineyard and Estate.  It was a wonderful day and I want to share it with you. First of all, Globe is far away from our home.  Far.  But, it was worth the drive.  And besides, it’s not like there […]