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How We Wrangled the Mess Under the Sink

We (by which I mostly mean John) have been doing some projects around the house and I thought I would share them.

The Mess Under our Kitchen Sink

Most of our cabinets were upgraded a couple of years ago with roll-out racks to make access easier, but under our sinks was never addressed.  Those places are just black holes of Calcutta.  No offense to Calcutta, of course.  I don’t even actually know what that means, so I probably shouldn’t be saying it.  I’ll look it up for an upcoming post, though, ok?

The Solution

John had some trouble finding a good solution for under the kitchen sink because the garbage disposal and reverse osmosis lines take up most of the room in there.  Let’s just say he had to make several trips:  Container Store, Home Depot and Lowes.  He had to make a few returns too.

New Rolling Shelf Installed

But in the end he found a pretty good solution in a rolling rack that covers about 2/3 of the cupboard.  I can now easily roll out my gloves, sponges and brushes which I use on a daily basis and not have to knock everything else over.

The Mess Under my Bathroom Sink

I’m not a woman with a ton of body product, but I have a fair share.  John installed a roller shelf under my bathroom sink and now that spot is nice and tidy too.  It gave me some incentive to get under there and throw away anything I haven’t used in a while.  My hair routine has been pretty limited during this lockdown and I haven’t really used much product.  Have you found your “beauty” routine is a little different lately too?

The Mess Organized

John’s Garden

John’s New Raised Garden Bed

Another project John started was a winter garden.  He got a raised garden bed and planted radishes, beets, carrots and cucumbers.  In less than a week we could see everything up and worshipping the sun.  Let’s hope we have some success.  I wouldn’t mind turning some of our yard into a garden, but it’s a tough road to hoe in this climate.

Radishes and Cucs Coming Up

A Couple New Purchases

I have shown you before my favorite little bottle in the world and I forgot it in a hotel fridge a couple of weeks ago (gasp!).  I know.  I brought it with me so I could eat up some of my salad ingredients and dang, I knew I’d forget it. 

Tutti Frutti Jars

It was a Quattro Stagioni Tutti Frutti vintage bottle from the Container Store.  Now, who in the world wouldn’t love such a bottle just based on its name?

So while John was out on one of his runs, he picked me up a couple of replacements.  I just love how these cute little inexpensive bottles from Italy are packaged so cute and make me feel so good.  Under $10 and I feel like a million bucks.

Lather is one of my favorite body product lines and I certainly do miss shopping there.  They moved out of a local outdoor mall a while back and their new store isn’t really in a great location for me.  Not that I’ve shopped anywhere in a long, long time.

Lather Shipment

Their soaps and lotions work really well and use healthy and natural ingredients.  My skin felt like it could use a bit of TLC so I ordered a few things and when the shipment came, it was packaged so beautifully, again, I felt like a million bucks. 

I have always enjoyed simple things (like warm woolen mittens and whiskers on kittens) but lately I’m really trying to take a few minutes and breath in what is good for me.  I’m not taking much for granted.

And that goes double for you.  Thank you for being my buddy and reading my blog.  Thank you for your comments and pictures and suggestions.  Thank you for your gentle corrections.  I love you.

What I’m Reading

I mentioned that I was reading a new author and would share with you on this post.  I read The Room of White Fire by T. Jefferson Parker.  It’s a sort of noir private dick novel that seemed right up my alley, but at the end of the day, I was a little underwhelmed.

This is the first of a series featuring Roland Ford, so maybe they get better, but as much as I love a gritty PI and forgive their many sins, this book left me without much caring about any of the characters. 

I hope this isn’t a spoiler, but there was way too much detail about torturing and not enough character development.  Ford’s tribe seems fascinating but I barely got to spend any time with them.  I’m not sure I’ll read another, but I did finish it.

What I’m Eating

As always, we ate Every. Single. Meal at home this week.  And did dishes and cleaned the kitchen continually.  We didn’t make anything new and ground breaking, but I did make the Pioneer Woman’s Ribs in the crock pot Sunday and it was nice coming home and having dinner ready.

So that’s a wrap on last week and I’m looking forward to a new week and seeing if I can dig up something fun and enjoyable to share with you soon.