Summer Reading, Summer Eating

Reading I read a lot.  As in a lot.  I really don’t have any hobbies, so I have a lot of time for reading.  And for the record, I don’t consider reading a hobby.  It’s just what I do every day.  Like brushing my teeth.  However, sometimes the experience is special – like when I […]

Exploring Arizona High Country

Many people find their happy place near the ocean or forest, and while I do not question that, my happy place is the mountains.  Arizona was such an easy choice when we decided to move to warmer weather because not only is the Sonoran desert spectacular most of the year, the mountains call my name […]

Finding Balance with Exercise and Moderate Eating

I’m in touch with my body enough to know if I’ve eaten a few too many sweets (my clothes are tight), had too much salt (I can’t get my rings on),  or drank too much champagne (I start speaking French).  I know what immediate steps to take to address those issues.  Exercise, however, has been […]

Summertime Creeps

Do you have a tradition in your family of telling ghost stories at night?  It seems like summer evenings gathered outside lend themselves to otherworldly tales.  I thought I would share some supernatural stories from our family, some “haunted” places I’ve traveled and review a couple of recent books. My younger sister Susie and I […]

Happy Independence Day

As very patriotic Americans, we all know the 4th of July is about hotdogs, potato chips, and fireworks, right?  Really, is there anything else we would want to know?  Any questions about why the rest of world wants to live here?  Ok, let’s not get into that right now. I love reading history and visiting […]