Sunday Football and Taco Soup

Is football a Sunday tradition in your house?  If relaxing and catching a game or two is on your Sunday agenda, you might want to try this recipe for Taco Soup next week.  It’s super simple, crockpot friendly and makes a nice, large batch. Sundays are not such a restful day around here.   There’s pickleball […]

My Honest Review of Laundry Stripping

Laundry stripping has become popular on social media, mainly, I believe, because it is so satisfying to see the leaching out of color, oils, and, dare I say it?  Grime, on otherwise clean clothes. Manufacturers of washing machines don’t really recommend the practice, but how many times have you stepped out of the shower and […]

Gluten Free Oatmeal Cookies from The Joy of Cooking

In 1977 The Joy of Cooking was a gift to me and was my only guide and instruction for cooking for probably the next 10 years. The cookbook covers everything in the kitchen from A to Z.  (Hey, like my blog, from A to Z!) Proper table setting to skinning a squirrel is all between […]

October Weekend Wrap Up

Here are a few things that have been going on around town and an October weekend wrap up. Carefree Spirits Distillery Earlier this year, DFs Jeff and Sue visited from California with their dear friends and we enjoyed an evening at Carefree Distillery. They visited again this week and wanted to return to this cozy […]

Pear Salad

The bounty of fall means yummy dishes and drinks flavored with pumpkin or squash or apple.  But wait, don’t forget about the subtle pear.  Pears get overlooked, but can add so much to the seasonal salad. On a recent trip to a local farm, I picked up a bag of freshly picked salad greens, so […]

Weekend Wrap Up

Where do the weekends go?  As we enter our super busy season in the desert, I’m sharing a few things going on around here – some exciting, some not.  The weekend wrap up is an honest look at how we spent some time though. Mortimer Farms We snuck in a little Thursday morning getaway and […]

Puzzle Table

An exciting new addition in our house means our kitchen is no longer the site for jigsaw puzzle assembly.  We got a puzzle table.  And it’s in our bedroom.  It’s so pretty. And then.  Guess what?  It’s too dark in there.  So I had to order a new floor lamp. But I was going to […]

Simple Fall Décor

Simple fall décor is on tap this year.  I am literally spending no money, using what I have, paring down what I decorate and enjoying the season. Well, I might also be just a bit lazy. What’s to enjoy?  Summer is always my favorite season and decreasing sunlight causes a bit of anxiety for me.  […]

Breakfast Bar Beadboard

The polar bear paint was not even dry on the walls and I came up with a new project.  One to do with a saw and a nail gun and measuring and paint.  And a visit to Home Depot.  So of course, the project wasn’t for me.  The beautifully white breakfast bar was doomed to […]