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Weekend Wrap Up

Where do the weekends go?  As we enter our super busy season in the desert, I’m sharing a few things going on around here – some exciting, some not.  The weekend wrap up is an honest look at how we spent some time though.

Mortimer Farms

We snuck in a little Thursday morning getaway and enjoyed our annual visit to Mortimer Farms in Dewey, AZ.

Dewey sits at about 4,000 feet in elevation and is less than an hour north of our home.  It’s really a very rural place, but they have a real working farm, Mortimer Farms, and it’s become quite the destination. 

There are all sorts of activities for families and fresh from the garden produce.  A bag of salad greens made it home with me.  The simple taste of freshly picked greens never disappoints me.

Oh, and I might add when we walked in the cinnamon nuts had just finished roasting and the smell was like a magnet.  I ate the entire package of pecans in one day.  Good grief.  I cannot be trusted.

Lake Pleasant Sunset Cruise

Although we are firmly planted in the middle of the desert, we have a pretty lake about 30 minutes from our home.

Lake Pleasant Cruises hosts a variety of different cruises, and we joined them Friday night for their sunset cruise which included live music.

The day was partly cloudy so we really thought we would not see much in the way of a sunset.  Boy were we wrong.  Absolutely gorgeous, perfect weather, and the best of friends.

Cat Pee

Yep, you read that right.  I’m writing about cat pee.  Of course, you know by now I am a devoted cat mom and animal advocate, but I do not like any animal smells in my house.  I work pretty hard to make sure smells are minimized.

Cat hair is another story and I have trouble keeping that at bay.

But, my darling Roxy had a little accident off the side of the box.  I caught it immediately and cleaned it right up.  Changed out the litter and boxes. 

I cleaned the floor three separate times, including with bleach and I couldn’t get rid of the smell.  And I couldn’t live with it either.

John trekked to Petco and found Nature’s Miracle.  We sprayed it all over the tile and baseboards and it worked like a gem.  Highly recommend and it’s safe for pets and surfaces.

Garage Storage

DF Evon has been working diligently remodeling her new and beautiful home.  Probably the least lovely thing in her home to look at but maybe the most exciting to me is her new garage cabinets. 

She has lost a lot of square footage over the years and downsizing can be overwhelming.  These new cabinets are going to keep her stuff in a beautiful new and organized home.

Ahh, to have a garage that looks like that.

Orange Sky Restaurant

DF Shira celebrated her birthday with her hub at Orange Sky Restaurant in Talking Sticks Resort and then listened to the ZZ Top concert at the pool below.

Who knew that place was so beautiful.  I can’t wait to go myself.

Poppies Flower Shop

DF Deb occasionally goes to Poppies and picks up a few blooms as a treat to herself.  I keep meaning to get over there myself and when I do I’ll write more about it.

She said this rose smells so good.  It’s really hard to find roses that smell like roses.  Impressive.


The lovely summer I’ve been bragging about not only brought cursed mosquitoes, we had termites worse than ever this year.

We pay an annual fee for a termite check and extermination because we always have a tube here or there. 

This year.  Yikes.  We had several.  After a lot of work and foam in the walls, hopefully we’re done with them for another year.

Wrap Up

So from a beautiful cruise to cat pee – that is a wrap up of life around here this weekend.

We are looking forward to spending time with friends this week and I will hopefully have fun to share with you next post.

Until then, have a good week and God bless you and yours.

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