October Entertaining

October entertaining in Phoenix is so easy.  The weather can be nearly perfect, there are activities galore and between stunning natural beauty and so many cute decorations, it really is the most wonderful time of the year. Last week I posted all the activities around getting ready for guests.  It has been so long since […]

Prepping for Houseguests

We are so excited to entertain our first guests of the season.  By which I mean fall/winter, of course.  Here are a few of the things we did prepping for houseguests. Dear sister and brother in law are arriving for a few days on their road trip stop.  We haven’t seen them in three years, […]

TJ Maxx Christmas Selection

I know.  I know.  It’s not even Halloween.  Much less Thanksgiving.  Much less Christmas.  But.  You know how it goes at TJ Maxx and their Christmas Selection.  If you don’t buy it when you see it, you most likely will miss out. Trees Unexpected colors of sparkly trees seem to be the highlight this year.  […]

Window Washing Made Easy

My secret to window washing made easy is that I don’t do it.  That’s not really fair, I know.  Hub does a better job and he complains about my streaks, so it’s his duty.  He’s good and I’m here to share his tricks on making it easy. For many years while we were both working, […]

Gluten Free French Dip Sandwiches

With 98% certainty, I can guess what hub is going to order when we are out and when French Dip Sandwiches are on the menu.  He always orders it.  He loves it. But.  That is a big cheat for him.  Not only is the roll an obvious problem, the au jus hides gluten in the […]

October Potpourri

No, not actual fall-scented October potpourri, but a little this and that news going on around here and how we’ve kicked off the month in our house. New Office Now that I no longer have a real job, but just have this job I love chatting with you a couple times a week, I felt […]

Cleaning my Baseboards with a Tennis Ball

Did I read that correctly?  She’s cleaning her baseboards with a tennis ball?  Yep, I saw this hack and decided to give it a go.  And guess what?  It worked well enough that I’m sharing it here with you. This hack not only works for those pesky baseboards, but it works great for other hard-to-reach […]

Gluten-Free Apple Crisp

Juicy, ripe apples are one of my fall favorites. Here is the gluten-free apple crisp I made. Already a simple recipe, and it would be easy to sub regular flour if gluten is not a concern in your house. Apple crisp is easy to make, hard to mess up and can easily be adapted using […]

Arizona Fall Patio Planting

Okay, October.  You insisted on arriving already so let’s do this.  Time to pull on our garden gloves and taken out our freshly cleaned tools and do a little Arizona fall patio planting. Finding the Perfect Plants Beginning with a trip to my favorite local nursery, Summer Winds, I had a lot of friendly assistance […]

Fall Deep Cleaning

Spring kind of came and went. And deep spring-cleaning never happened in our house.  Nor did it the year before.  So, being motivated (and excited!) by dear SIL and BIL’s visit next month, I dug in and did some fall deep cleaning. “Tidy” is really my middle name.  I hate clutter.  And the biggest problem […]