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October Entertaining

October entertaining in Phoenix is so easy.  The weather can be nearly perfect, there are activities galore and between stunning natural beauty and so many cute decorations, it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Last week I posted all the activities around getting ready for guests.  It has been so long since we have seen some of these loved ones we could not have had more fun or been more grateful for the time together.

Here are a few of the things we did and how we managed to have so much fun.

Keep it Casual

No dressing up around here.  We kept the dress code casual and comfy.  We lounged around outside and then played cards around the kitchen table in the evening.

Keep it Active

Good food and drink didn’t make us feel too guilty with so many activities going on.  SIL and BIL Linda and Dan wanted to learn pickle ball, so we spent some fun in the sun on the courts on Day 1.

Day 2 Dan, John and son Ryan headed to the links.  Linda and I took my fav barre class with Sollangy.  Then we walked to the Daisy Mountain trailhead, hiked nearly to the top and then took a loop back to the club for lunch.

Day 3 we met dear friends Jann and Ali and Chris and Bob from Reno.  They were staying with DF Gail and Lane so the whole tribe of us did a short hike in Sedona and then yummy Mexican lunch.

Minimize the Fuss

We did a lot of preplanning for meals, drinks and snacks, so we didn’t have a terrible amount of work to do around that once the house was full and the drinks were flowing.

The crockpot was enlisted for brisket dinner.  Pioneer Woman’s recipe to the rescue.  The only variance is that I didn’t use onion soup mix (I mixed up my own spices) and instead of crockpot potatoes, we did fries on the side.

Putting dinner on first thing in the morning before all the visiting began made for such a stress-free meal.

Everyone in this group is helpful serving, cleaning, you name it.  Nobody is stuck with all the work.

Enjoy Nature

After the Reno crew departed back to Phoenix, hub and I spent a little time knocking around the grounds of one of the resorts in Sedona.  It was so peaceful and picture perfect.

This time of year, the shadows are long and ever present, so it’s kind of hard to get good pics with my iPhone, but I think you might get an idea of how stunning it was.

Taking a leisurely stroll was a perfect way to unwind from all the activities and reflect upon how wonderful it was to spend time with these precious loved ones.


Our community hosts a trunk or treat event each year.  Owners of golf carts decorate, load up on treats and park in the club lot handing out candy to adorable young ‘uns. 

There might also be a little adult treating going on too.  As in a bar and DJ.  Wonderful evening every year.

Except for the poor lady who had a little accident and DF Barb got to put her nursing skills to use until the paramedics arrived.

But all’s well that ends well.

Everything was cute and very creative, but the Wicked Witch and Dorothy’s house was the BEST.

This scary dude and his scary companion who wasn’t real is a Marvel character (so he said – I have no idea). But it was creepy.

Clowns do not typically make the cut in my blog, but this guy was a riot and struck some good poses.

Do you have big plans for Halloween this year?

Rocket in the Sky

Not sure if you caught this Thursday night where you live but the California rocket launch (SpaceEx?) had a trajectory right over Phoenix and around 6:30 p.m. it really lit up the sky and the contrail stayed around and caught the moon’s rays.

I got a decent picture, but DF Barb sent this from her hairdresser. I’m not sure who to give credit to, but it’s the hairdresser!

Wrap Up

Please send pics of the fall beauty you are enjoying and let me know what activities you are up to this weekend.

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  1. Corine, so good to see you snd John while in Sedona. Wish we had more time together. Miss you snd your outgoing personality. 😁

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