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Window Washing Made Easy

My secret to window washing made easy is that I don’t do it.  That’s not really fair, I know.  Hub does a better job and he complains about my streaks, so it’s his duty.  He’s good and I’m here to share his tricks on making it easy.

For many years while we were both working, I had a local service do our windows about once a year.  It’s a big job because we have a lot of windows.  Since it’s a one story, at least there aren’t really high ladders involved, but inside, outside and screens took a full day to clean.

And you can’t schedule during the monsoon season.

And you can’t schedule during the fall when all the snowbirds return.

And then let’s discuss the cost.  Okay, let’s skip that.

But the windows and screens were so perfect after cleaning.  Until a bird flew into them.  Which was about on day one.  Ugh.

So John made the decision he would be the official window washer. 

Cloudy Day

There is no sense in cleaning our windows with the sun beaming in.  Which is really about every single day. They cannot be cleaned and dried quickly enough to avoid streaking.

This weekend we had rain forecast so he took Saturday to do the inside windows.  And it was very lucky he could watch college football at the same time.

After the rain was mostly done, he took the next day to do the outside windows.


Over the years we have used chemicals, vinegar, Tide, and have settled on Dawn dish detergent.

Dawn is really a miracle in cutting grease, dirt and taking coffee stains out of white blouses.  😉

A bit of Dawn and hot water is all it takes.  I will mention here, that we have very hard water so we only use water that has gone through our softener.  Otherwise there is a really hard film that is nearly impossible to remove from any surface untreated water touches.


From his very favorite store in the world, hub gets his tools from Home Depot.

The Unger Microfiber Squeegee Scrubber works great.  The 14” scrubber works for the big windows and the 6” is for the hard to get smaller spaces, the transom windows, and I use it when I wash the windows on my car.

You can see that the microfiber has a little Velcro tab that makes removing for cleaning or replacement easy and holds it firmly in place when using the squeegee.

The 12’ telescoping pole is what we need for our high windows.

Our ladder is really only needed for the transom windows which is nice because ladders are dangerous and I only want him using one when I’m home. 

The forecast shows sunny skies for a while, so our windows should stay shinny and pretty for a long time.  Thanks, John!

What I’m Eating

We finally got to celebrate DF Barb’s birthday this weekend even though her birthday was last month.  DF Evon made the cutest gluten-free sugar cookies in Halloween shapes.  They were delicious and adorable.

She also made her first attempt at macarons.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  I might have eaten two.  Plus a bat.  Okay, the diet is starting today!  And I mean it.

What I’m Reading

On audio I finished A Stranger Like You by Elizabeth Brundage.  At first I liked the book because it gave me a creepy Patricia Highsmith vibe.  But then it got bogged down in boring characters and way too much inane detail.  I’m giving this two stars.  Many reviewers on Goodreads say that Brundage’s other books are much better, so I’m not writing her off quite yet.

Wrap Up

Do you have big plans for the week?  There isn’t too much set in stone around here, but it’s sunny and cool and beautiful and I think the outdoors is beckoning me.

God bless you and yours.