Leisure Recipes

Sunday Football and Taco Soup

Is football a Sunday tradition in your house?  If relaxing and catching a game or two is on your Sunday agenda, you might want to try this recipe for Taco Soup next week.  It’s super simple, crockpot friendly and makes a nice, large batch.

Sundays are not such a restful day around here.   There’s pickleball and bike riding and laundry and reading.  Okay, maybe that seems restful to most people, but it seems busy to me. 

And.  Cooking is not on the agenda.

But.  A nice bowl of hot and hearty soup tastes so good on a cool(ish) day.  And getting it started in the crockpot before the days gets crazy means it’s done in time for a late lunch, or linner as I like to call it.

I made this recipe with ground turkey and browned it in a pan before adding to the crockpot.  Truthfully, it doesn’t brown at all and I probably could have saved that step and one pan to clean.

This soup lends itself to stovetop cooking just as easily and since everything is out of a can, it’s done quickly.

The soup is very similar to my chili, except not as spicy.  DF Evon and hub liked it fine and with toppings of delish corn chips and grated cheese, it was perfect.

Trader Joe’s corn chips on not on a regular rotation around here, but when we have them, oh, my.  I love them.  Addicting.

My ancient crocks came out of the cupboard because using them is so fun, but for simplicity, I used the cute fall paper plates I got from Safeway.

Evon brought fresh fruit for our dessert and we called it good.


A crate of beautiful pumpkins, a scarecrow and fall flowers greeted me on a recent trip to Trader Joe’s.  So pretty.

Arizona Cardinals

Spending the first half of my life as a Coloradan, I was a die-hard Broncos fan.  Elway and Manning made the game fun for me.  Oh, and those Super Bowl wins made it fun too.  But losing week after week.  Ah, I have better things to do.

Now the Cardinals are awesome, but I’m out of the habit of watching football.  I did sit down for part of the game Sunday and watched another win by this good team.  I especially liked calling the quarterback Kurt Warner.  Who retired in 2010.  But such a nice guy.  He’s still the only Cardinal in my book. 

With that other seemingly nice guy Larry Fitzgerald. Who no longer plays either. What can I say, I’m a dinosaur.

So now we know I am not familiar with one current football player, but had a nice Sunday nonetheless.

Perhaps this easy soup recipe will make it to your Sunday festivities.  And, by the way, it’s even better as a leftover.

Hope your weekend is full of fun and friends and smiles.