DIY Project Shopping

Breakfast Bar Beadboard

The polar bear paint was not even dry on the walls and I came up with a new project.  One to do with a saw and a nail gun and measuring and paint.  And a visit to Home Depot.  So of course, the project wasn’t for me. 

The beautifully white breakfast bar was doomed to get grimy right away, because that was how it always looked when the creamy yellow was there.  And I cleaned it all the time.  Who knew our knees were so dirty.

So the light bulb went off and I thought how nice some beadboard paneling would be.  It would match our kitchen cupboards and keep our knees and feet off the drywall.

John got two pieces of paneling, nails for the nail gun, a paint marker and some trim and he was off to the races. 

For a quick and relatively inexpensive project, I expect we’ll get a lot of bang for the buck and it looks great.

And look who photobombed me this time!  That’s Mandy.

Sunday was rainy and pickleball was cancelled, so it turned out to be a perfect day for the little project.

What I’m Eating

The rainy and coolish day was just made for comfort food.  Meatloaf, roasted veggies and a side of green beans were perfect for our linner.


I used about 1 ¾ pound of very lean ground beef so we would have leftovers.  In my Kitchenaid mixer I beat two eggs, added ½ cup oatmeal and some finely chopped green onion.  I chopped the onion in the Veggichop and it came out really fine and it turned out better than using minced onion.

Roasting the veggies first for about 45 minutes at 400 degrees and then baking the meatloaf about 25 minutes at 350 degrees meant everything turned out fine.

Talbots Skorts

Darling Sister Monique recently asked me about Talbots skorts so I’m sharing a couple of pics.  The latest sale had these marked down to about $17.

Pros and Cons

They fit like an absolute dream.  Perfectly for my body.  Comfortable as can be.  But.  They don’t have pockets in the legs.   The skirt pockets are not secured and I have to really watch what I put in there.  In fact, I use a high-tech safety pin on one of them.

This might be a plus or a minus.  They are made out of a knit material, not exercise material.  That makes them feel a little more like actual clothes, but they don’t dry quickly.

Which also means they are not compression shorts.  They don’t ride up my legs really, but I do like compression material for heavy duty exercise.

You can see I was all ready for pickleball before we got called off.  I ended up not exercising at all on Sunday, but the skort was comfy and I knocked around the house doing chores and feeling pretty spunky.  My theory is that I don’t always have to actually exercise.  Sometimes I just have to feel like I exercised.

Don’t you agree?

Wrap Up

I will have completed a couple of books to share with you next week.  I don’t have any projects on the horizon, but hey, you never know when inspiration might come knocking.

Or maybe I’ll enjoy our perfect weather and do some hiking.  Or biking.  On an electric bike.

Enjoy your weekend and we’ll catch up again soon.  Love and blessings.