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Remember the recent post about my bicycle?  I really love toodling around on my bike with no agenda.  And as I mentioned, I don’t bike for exercise, just for pleasure.

Except for the part where my buns are in misery on Day 2, and then Day 3 never happens. Somehow the pleasure gets lost along the way.

Well.  That’s all about to change around here.  Because hub bought us both electric bikes!

His has not arrived yet, but mine came.  As a surprise, I might add. 

Our next door neighbors got new ones and I mentioned to John we should consider purchasing so we would be inspired to get out on our bikes more.  Especially with the weather about to turn perfect.

Low and behold the big box showed up and whoohoo.

In about one hour, he had it assembled and figured out its operation.

This is a Natko Electric City Bike and might considered a “budget” bike.

The features include a cute basket, but it is plastic and I love my wicker basket much better, so that might get switched out. Also. Yes! A kickstand. I missed a kickstand so much on my other bike.

Oh, and did I mention a horn AND a bell. Oh, yeah, I am ringing that bell.

My inaugural Sunday morning ride was about two hours long and the battery worked just fine.  The specs say the battery runs 4 hours or 22 miles when fully charged.  The battery has a really convenient handle and weighs about 5 pounds.

That is important to me because I have a hard time manipulating batteries in and out of their chargers.  This one is easy to use and I’ve only dropped it once.  Of course.

The single pedal assist mode is what I used.  If I could compare it to anything, I would say it is like using a stationary bike at a low resistance level.  I was able to pedal the entire time but it was very little work, even on the steepest hills.

But unlike a stationary bike in the gym, I was able to enjoy sunshine on my shoulders.  Ummm, maybe a little too much sunshine.  And a nice, constant breeze.  And millions of the butterflies that are gracing us this year.

We have a couple of those speed meter dealyos that tell you how fast you’re going (read: speeding down a hill) and it registered 19 miles and 25 miles an hour. And that’s just pedal assist. That is not the throttle setting.

Perfect Sunday morning.

Saturday was a nice quiet morning. Well before I went to bootcamp, yoga and ran on the treadmill, that is.

A cup of coffee and my Numbrix puzzle was almost perfect. Until Roxy joined me. Then it really was perfect. Well, she thought so, anyway.

Milk Frother

A much smaller purchase, but a big bang for the bucks, I broke down and got a frother for the cinnamon cream I add to my morning coffee. The Pampered Chef Mini Whipper has worked fine, but I wanted a bit more froth than I was willing to work that thing in the morning.

I got this little SimpleTaste battery operated frother for about $10 from Amazon. It works perfectly, came with batteries and has the cutest stand that fits fine next to my coffee maker or can be tucked into the cupboard.

Ah, the simple things.

I might use a tad more cream than most people. I admit it. But look how beautiful my morning joe is now. And for some reason, it tastes much better to me.

Thank you for letting me gush about how ridiculously happy I am with my bike and my frother.

God bless you and have a wonderful week.

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  1. Wow! How great to have your new electric bikes. Have you used them a lot? I would consider getting one if I lived in a different climate and not so hilly area. I like that they have a bell. I love your milk Frother and plan to order one. Thanks for letting us know about it. I only treat myself Oct,Nov, and Dec with the pumpkins spice creamers, so it will be nice to be able to froth my morning coffee, making it that much more special, like I ordered it from Starbucks.👏👏👏 Always look forward to your post and seeing all your great ideas. Miss you in person though,😿😻

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