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The Perfect Running Shoe and a New Shoe Rack

Always on the hunt for the perfect running shoe and now I have a new shoe rack to home them after my morning exercise.

New Balance Running Shoe

Fresh Foam More 2 is my latest purchase in the search for running shoes.  As each year goes by, the miles spent running decreases, but I still put a lot of miles on my exercise shoes. 

And like most people of a certain age, joints starting from the toes up, are affected by shoes.  So the perfect shoe is my Nirvana.

Asics have been my go-to shoe for the past several years, but like all good things, they ain’t what they used to be.

So the new model of New Balance seemed promising and I ordered online.

Happy surprise, they work just fine.  When looking at them from the side, they look like they have a built-up heel, but in fact, the built up part is under the arch of the foot and the heel feels like it drops down.  Comfy.

I have walked several miles in them and put a few treadmill running miles on them, so I consider them broken in. Recommend.

These were purchased from Joe’s New Balance Outlet at a price about $60 less than Nordstrom.

Not sure where these shoes last were, but Kinsey really worked them over and marked them super well.

Yes, it looks like Kinsey could use a little exercise herself.  But it seems she’s pretty comfortable with her body image.  In her little striped outfit.

Spacemaker Six-Tier Shelves

We like to leave our everyday shoes in the garage to limit tracking in the house.  The old rack we had in the garage was pretty much overflowing.  There isn’t a lot of space in our garage due to the gigantic red truck that lives in there.

This shallow shelving unit is perfect for the space and will allow for a lot of shoe storage.  Whoohoo, more shoes.

The shelves are very lightweight and the shipping box wasn’t too big, but hub said it came in a ton of parts and needed to be assembled.  It didn’t take long,and luckily Roxy was on hand for any consulting needs.

The shelves came from Amazon and I’m not an affiliate, but I linked for convenience.

Persimmon Patio

While out putting miles on my new shoes in the morning, I stopped at the patio outside the gym at Persimmon club.

Balloons have been filling the skies each morning and the plants around the club’s patio are lush and beautiful.

I always call this my praying place and you can see it’s more lovely now than ever.

What I’m Reading

This has been such a good reading month for me.  Several wins I want to pass on.

After I finished the delicious audio version of Winter of Our Discontent, I found the audio version ofThe Queen’s Gambit by Walter Tevis.  Many of Tevis’s books have been made into successful movies, but I’ve not read him before.  The Queen’s Gambit is Netflix mini-series, but I haven’t watched it and that’s not why I chose the book.  Although the show gets really good reviews, I don’t have Netflix so not sure if I’ll get the chance to watch it.

This is the story of a female chess prodigy taking place in the ’60s and ‘70s, published in the early ‘80s.  It’s pretty chess-heavy which dragged me down a bit, but the characters were vivid, the subject matter (addiction, feminism, dysfunction) engaging and overall very-well written.


Stephen King’s newest, Billy Summers, did not disappoint.  It’s not really a horror, as you might think with King.  Billy Summers is an engaging protagonist. Pretty good since he’s a hired gun. 

King’s foreshadowing of the world’s virus shut down and crazy political rants that had nothing to do with the story were detracting and took me to a place I didn’t want to go while reading.  That was the only downside. 

Whether you are a King fan or not, you might really like this book. Good writing.


I have more book stuff to talk about, but this post is long, so I’ll finish up next week.

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend and thank you for reading!

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