February Potpourri

Nothing in particular, but here are a few things this February to chat about. Outdoor activities I know everyone is not as keen as we are here to get out and enjoy the mild weather.  But we have been hiking, walking, eating and even playing cards outside. I treated myself to a breakfast burrito at […]

Vegetarian Chopped Salad

If you’re lucky enough to have a True Food Kitchen in your area, you might be familiar with the Vegetarian Chopped Salad which is a popular menu item.  It’s delish and this week DF Evon inspired me to make a copycat recipe at home using the template from Blythesblog.com. Here is what I did. Ingredients […]

The Perfect Running Shoe and a New Shoe Rack

Always on the hunt for the perfect running shoe and now I have a new shoe rack to home them after my morning exercise. New Balance Running Shoe Fresh Foam More 2 is my latest purchase in the search for running shoes.  As each year goes by, the miles spent running decreases, but I still […]

The Perfect Exercise Class?

Like so many others, when all the stars align, I love group exercise classes.  Stars aligning include: A good teacher who keeps the class moving, has good technique, interesting choreography, good music and a pleasing personality The class is at a time when I can attend Includes moves I can actually do I can no […]