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October Weekend Wrap Up

Here are a few things that have been going on around town and an October weekend wrap up.

Carefree Spirits Distillery

Earlier this year, DFs Jeff and Sue visited from California with their dear friends and we enjoyed an evening at Carefree Distillery.

They visited again this week and wanted to return to this cozy and welcoming spot.  Very fancy drinks made with their special vodka and bourbon are on the menu.  The drinks are lovely and sport a big ball ice cube.  I love the look of them.

I believe Mary Kay was drinking an Old Fashioned, but I could be wrong.  Pretty though!

Alas, I don’t partake in those spirits, so I volunteer as the DD.  But I did love the other spirits haunting the tasting room.

Halloween is so fun.

The bathroom is guarded by a witchy skeleton, but it didn’t stop me from entering.

Wedding Reception

Our neighbors were lucky enough to find love during quarantine and have now joined in matrimony.  They hosted a reception at their home this weekend and I loved their napkins.

Country Club Happy Hour

We didn’t really attend the country club’s happy hour, but dropped by to see the festivities for a few minutes.  They had a boot-scooting band, games for kids and families and lots of lights and ahem, cocktails seemed to be freely flowing.

It’s so nice to see people out enjoying life and this perfect time of year in the desert.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Everyone knows by now that October is the month for pink and breast cancer awareness.  Adorable instructor Jenny has a victory story she shares and is now a warrior against the disease.  She will have raised a lot of money for the cause by month’s end.

Upon her request, her exercise class participants sported pink this Saturday and many people shared their experiences. 

From the outside, it seems we all live charmed lives, but of course, we all carry heavy burdens.  Sharing those burdens and feeling compassion is a blessing.

So happy to have Jenny in my every week.

Five Below

Have you shopped at Five Below?  This store is fairly new to me, and there isn’t one really near, but we stopped at one Saturday and I wanted to share how impressive this store is.

Number one, it’s huge and number two, it’s so neat and well organized.  There probably isn’t one thing I need in that store, but it’s fun to look around.  And with everything $5 and below, not much risk.

Isn’t using wheelbarrows cute and clever?

This store won’t replace dollar store runs, but if you have one near you, it’s worth checking out.

Look how nicely done their cosmetics section is.

Anthem Park

After Sunday’s pickleball match and electric bike ride, I took a nice, long walk to my beloved park and snapped the waterfall picture. I never get tired of looking at it.

Our town, Anthem, hosts a carnival twice a year and next weekend is the big weekend. While out walking Sunday, I spotted the rides on semis lining the street entering into our park. Impressive, isn’t it?

And are those clouds just fantastic?

Next post I’ll share what I’m eating and what I’m reading, but I think this post is long enough.

Thanks for sharing in on all the fun we’ve been having and blessings on your coming week.