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Dining Table and Chairs

It was way past time to bring our dining table and chairs into the 21st century.  But when you love something, it’s hard to say goodbye.  Don’t you think? 

So, after heart-wrenching months, the decision was made to sell the bookcase in our dining room and the table and chairs.

Hub sold everything on FB Marketplace in literally hours.  For full price.  What an easy process.  It was so nice to know that our furniture is going to other families who will appreciate it.  Even though they are old.  And no longer in style.

Here’s a picture of what our dining room looked like.

And here is what it looks like now.

Sorry this pic is so dark, but this room gets so much morning light, it’s really hard to find a good time to take a picture.

Now we are much more streamlined and contemporary.  No more tchotchkes in the dining room.  I recycled my World Market painting (which I can no longer find online) and called it good.  The art is not the greatest in there, but I’m done for now.

We searched and searched for a dining set.  They are A.  Very expensive.  B.  Very large or very small.  C.  Long or uncertain delivery times or plain ol’ backordered.  D.  High delivery fees.

So guess what we found?  A bargain at Costco.  Remember my recent Costco post?  I tell you we have been keeping our part of the economy up just with Costco shopping.

Here’s what we liked by purchasing from Costco.

Fast, free delivery

The table came in a matter of days with White Glove service.  Yes, two men came into our house and set up the table and took away the packing material.  On a Saturday.  Over Memorial Day. 

You would never find better service than that.


The price was really right.  Like super affordable.  The table and chairs were one low price.


Everything is pretty and sturdy.  It seems like the same quality I would have gotten from Pottery Barn.   For roughly ¼ of the cost.  Oh, and the table I love at PB is no longer available.  And the chairs are a separate purchase.  Cha-ching, cha-ching.


The style is a rustic, farmhouse trestle that is very popular right now.  That part is exactly what I wanted.  The wood finish on the table top and chairs is distressed.  So since I cannot seem to keep Roxy from occasionally performing cat gymnastics, the scratches are not entirely out of place.

And now, what I don’t like.

Cookie Cutter

When you buy from Costco, you know that everyone else in the world with a Costco card is possibly buying the same thing.  So it’s not exactly unique.

A few years ago (during you know what) everyone had to bring their own towels to our pool.  And everyone had the exact same striped towels.  Great quality, great size.  But zero cuteness.  Because we all got them from Costco.


The table is only available in one size with no extension, so it’s pretty large in our space.  With eight chairs.  We can possibly have everyone we know over at once and not need eight chairs. 

So while it is a bit larger than I would like in the space, it does fit and I’m not complaining.  Much.

Wrap Up

August is more than half over.  Wow.  Many parts of the country are starting to think about autumn.  Kids are back in school.  Another year flying by.

Summer is still in full force here, but we’ve had a lovely monsoon season.  Our yard looks pretty and temps have been reasonable.  The hardest part is that evenings won’t start to cool for another couple of months. 

Some trips to high country and getting out in the sunshine when we can means I’m still enjoying summer.  And all my free time.  But I still don’t know how it goes by so quickly.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I love your new table and chairs. It doesn’t loo big to me. Do you miss your bookcase? I love how you always find crafty or chic things to decorate on shelves. Now, not so many shelves for your cute ideas?

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