Grating and Storing Cheddar Cheese

Purchasing pre-shredded packages of cheese is expense, contains added chemicals and is not very tasty.  But, I do it. Because it’s convenient. Please.  It’s not that hard to shred some cheese. And then I had the great (no pun intended) idea to get the gargantuan block of cheddar from Costco and grate up the whole […]

Summer-End Clearance Shopping

I’ve had my eye on a couple of things for my back patio this year.  And everything “outdoor” is so expensive!  But patience has won out and here are my scores from summer-end clearance shopping. World Market One thing I love about World Market is that they either carry the same items year after year […]

Amazon (and Life) Update

Some purchasing hits and some misses – here is my Amazon (and life) update for August. Shoe Rack Less than one year ago I was touting the great shoe rack find from Amazon that would help me keep shoes in the garage and out of the house. Well.  Fast Forward just a few months and […]

Checking Out the Pottery Barn Outlet

Although it’s on the far side of town, we sometimes enjoy checking out the Pottery Barn Outlet and seeing if they have any deals worth the drive. The Deals Upon entering, there is a prominent sign clearly stating the day’s deals.  They change frequently and are not advertised, so the only way to know what […]

Things I’m Replacing Sooner

When ya find a good thing ya just don’t want to let it go.  Am I right?  I’ll hold onto my favorites for a long time.  But really.  There are things I’m replacing sooner this year.  I’m resolving! Perhaps my life would be a smidge better if I wasn’t worried about slipping on a wet […]

Dining Table and Chairs

It was way past time to bring our dining table and chairs into the 21st century.  But when you love something, it’s hard to say goodbye.  Don’t you think?  So, after heart-wrenching months, the decision was made to sell the bookcase in our dining room and the table and chairs. Hub sold everything on FB […]

Costco Haul and Recommendations      

Today I’m sharing a portion of our Costco haul and recommendations on what we like. My allergies have been insane this month and I needed some more generic Allegra.  Costco has the best price on that (cough, cough) so we took the plunge and headed there on a Sunday morning.  Everyone who doesn’t go to […]

Spring Shoe Haul

Unlike other people in my household, I don’t have a ton of shoes.  And yes, I am a woman.  And yes that is gender slamming, I’m sure. But, even I break down and need a little refresh every once in a while.  Today I’m going to share my little online shopping spree with you.  I […]

Plantation Shutters in the Bedroom and More Instapot Feedback

I posted several months ago how much I loved the new shutters in our bathroom and transom windows in our bedroom.  Then.  I decided I needed to replace the woven woods with plantation shutters too.  Our room is pretty dark and I felt like they would brighten up the space.  Gulp.  Expensive.  We ordered Graber […]

Updated Window Coverings

I’ve mentioned before that our projects are not very well pre-planned or pre-budgeted. And when we need something, we think we need it the minute we think of it. And so it is that we updated some of our window coverings. Several years ago DF Dona ordered (and installed!) woven wood blinds throughout our home […]