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Summer-End Clearance Shopping

I’ve had my eye on a couple of things for my back patio this year.  And everything “outdoor” is so expensive!  But patience has won out and here are my scores from summer-end clearance shopping.

World Market

One thing I love about World Market is that they either carry the same items year after year or they coordinate previous years’ items with new.

This year I purchased indoor/outdoor pillows (which I’m mainly using indoors).   They perfectly coordinate with WM pillows I purchased years ago for both the outdoors and in my living room!

The markdown was so fantastic I couldn’t pass it by.  Combined with a 15% discount for curbside pickup, they were almost free.  And guess what?  Now they are marked down to $5!  I know!  You cannot buy inserts for $5.  For that price you can cover them in anything you like.

In my living room I have them combined with a tufted velvet throw pillow.  I have a few of these in different colors for different seasons and I think they are so pretty.

Outside I have them paired with the blue and ivory geometric pillows I bought several years ago and which WM still sells.  They have been outside the entire time and they look new.

My bargain coup de grace was the 75% discount on the floor model San Marino Loveseat displayed in my local store. 

I sat on the model and it was truly the most comfy piece of furniture I’ve ever found.  Perfect for my frame.

But.  It has white cushions.  And.  It’s a floor model.  And they were scruffy.  So I walked away.

And then.  The next day.  I called them and asked them to hold it for me.  Big Red, John and I were on the way to pick up our new outdoor sofa.

Even though it was 100⁰ the night we brought it home, I sat out with a glass of chard, a fan and the misters on and just enjoyed it.  The scuff marks hardly even show at all.  And I’m sure I’ll be making some new ones of my own soon.

The glass table is very old and I’m happy to still be using it.  It’s topped by a couple other very old WM purchases, a cute cement potted faux plant I posted way back here and stemless glasses.


Yes, you read that right.  Safeway.  As in the grocery store.  As a once-a-month or so treat, I walk to our local Safeway and get a Starbucks from the adorable women who work there.  And then I browse the seasonal aisle which is right next to Starbucks.

Early this summer I fell in love with the most handsome guy.  I couldn’t take my eyes off him and every time I saw him I knew I had to make him mine.

But he was over $50 and I thought it was a little expensive for a peacock. 

Every week I checked to see if he was on outdoor clearance.  And then one Sunday.  He was gone.  I couldn’t believe it.  I missed out!

But.  As in many true love stories, I found my love while visiting a Safeway in Flagstaff.  There he was still in a box and 50% off.

And now.  He perches happily and beautifully on my back patio.


This isn’t a sale, but hub found a throw rug made from recycled water bottles that is machine washable.  It might not be the height of rug fashion, but it is so comfy and fits so perfectly at our sliding glass door, we actually got another one to go on the other side of the door.

No, you’re not seeing double.  We have two.

The kitties love this rug and spend hours looking out the door here.

Wrap Up

We actually are beginning to get quotes to get new landscaping in our back yard, so we’ll have a new project as soon as we make some decisions.

I’ll fill you in as we get closer.

Summer is still in full force here, so we’re spending time at the pool with friends and keeping the AC juice flowing.

Has it started cooling off for you yet?

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  1. oooooooooh, I love your new peacock. If I’d have spotted it first, I’d have purchased it. I have a metal peacock standing on my rock waterfall feature by our pool. He’s been out there for about eight years and unfortunately is now looking like oxidized rusted metal. I may be dialing a few Safeways around here to see if your model still exists.

  2. Hi Corine, you are such a good shopper. I never get feel and I disliked shopping anymore because or lack of selection and service. I am jealous that you guys have done and still doing so much to your beautiful home. Can’t wait to see the yard, 😘

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