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Grandma-Approved Labor Day Dinner

Everything I put together for a holiday weekend meal is fresh and summery and delicious.  It also seems old fashioned and might be a grandma-approved Labor Day dinner!

Oven-Baked BBQ Chicken Legs & Thighs

Okay to be honest, these are not my fav, but hub can eat chicken legs and thighs all day long.  Oven baking means nobody has to stick their toes outside to grill in the heat and works great for this late summer holiday.

Although this recipe works just fine on the grill, it calls for oven baking and then a quick broil to char the chicken tops.

This Southern Living recipe includes the BBQ sauce, but I used a low-sugar bottled sauce and added a healthy dose of Tabasco.

This was actually a jointly prepared meal because I was home to get it started and get the meat marinating, but was gone for the baking and eating part.  John did that all on his own and loved this recipe.  We are adding it to our meal rotation.

I took a pic of the chicken we use because it is so handy.  Hub buys these multi packs at Costco, I separate and freeze and we always have chicken on hand.


DF Sara gifted me green beans out of her Show Low garden.  I channeled my grandma to prep, snapping them in half.  These fresh beans were so good, I didn’t even add butter or salt.

DF Denisse and I took a trip to a farmer’s market store near her home (and about an hour from my home).  I found great prices on everything so got some corn on the cob and strawberries.

I washed, cut and lightly sugared the strawberries as soon as I got them home and stored them in my trusty airtight glass and bamboo containers.

Just a tad of whipped cream on top was the perfect dessert.

All year round we get the tomatoes-on-the-vine from Costco and they rarely disappoint.  A couple sliced up tomatoes grace just about every single meal I eat at home.


If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know that a batch of biscuits lives in my freezer and I pull one out every now and then.  This meal seemed to need a biscuit, don’t you think?

I use the White Lily all-purpose flour that I purchased in the Southern US.  Since it takes me a long time to go through a sack of flour, I store in the freezer and it works just fine.

This batch I made in my new cast-iron skillet so all the biscuits came out with a geometrical shape.  But still dang good.

Some freshly brewed iced tea was my beverage of choice and I’m pretty sure Grandma would have approved of that too.

Wrap Up

Do you have plans for this long weekend?  We will stay put and try to stay out of the way of all the people traveling to the high country to get in one last weekend of fun. 

Pool time, friends and maybe a few extra chores and project planning for the fall is all that is on my agenda.

God bless you and yours for a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Looks good. The only thing about Costco chicken is there is so much!! I know divide and freeze but still…
    We are not really freezer ppl, even tho we just bought a new French door combo. Love it

  2. I love the little corn-on-the-cob knobs. Reminds me of my childhood when my mom would make us corn. Happy Labor day weekend!

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