Instapot Brisket and Another Biscuit Recipe

Brisket in the Instapot is new to me, and though we’ve made roast beef, this was the first time for brisket.  As meat goes, brisket is one of my favorite cuts.  I find it’s versatile and it’s best when it’s cooked for a long time.

And I like my beef close to burnt.  I can picture so many of my DFs right now shaking their heads at my propensity to ruin a good cut of meat.

For some odd reason, brisket has become hard to find in our local grocery stores.  My last visit, I had to buy a gigantic piece of meat and had the butcher divide it in three for me.  Hub then ran it through the sealer and we froze it.

Instapot Brisket

The last few times I made it in the crockpot, it came out tasty but too dry.  So we decided to try the Instapot.  I used Tender, Melt in Your Mouth Instapot Brisket recipe from

It ticked my important kitchen boxes – easy, fast and used ingredients I already have.

Instapot Brisket Ingredients

The recipe is good and I’ll try it again, but two changes:  I would add a bit of liquid smoke next time.  Maybe a shake (or half a bottle) of hot sauce.  I skipped Step 3 and sautéed the onion with the meat saving time and adding more onion flavor to the meat.

Searing Onions with Brisket

Other than that, I did exactly as the recipe called, added a side of mashed potatoes and nice steamed spring asparagus.  Delish linner!

Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits

Will you kill me if I post one more time about homemade biscuits?  I loved my easy recipe I’ve been using.  I make up a batch, freeze them and then eat them one at a time (whoops, sometimes two) when I get a hankerin’. 

Sally’s Biscuit Recipe

I decided to try a new recipe from because I’ve had such good luck with her other recipes.  Yep, these were better.  It’s her flatten and fold method that made the difference.

I made these the same day I made the homemade donuts and ooooh, boy, you should have seen my kitchen after that.

Martha Stewart, I ain’t.

I honestly cannot figure out how baking is anyone’s hobby.  How anything messy is a hobby.  Cleaning up is stressful, folks!

Ok, my rant is over.

I think I’ll just get a cup of tea and a few buttered biscuits and I can calm down.  Carbs, ahhhhh.


I have so missed attending all the classes I love at the gym. Luckily there are a few held outdoors on the patio I like and DF Solangy teaches her world-famous barre class from Zoom.

Recently her husband surprised her for their anniversary in a huge way with a home barre studio. It’s so gorgeous, I cannot imagine her ever wanting to come back to the gym to teach.

She shared a video of her new space.

Solangy’s Barre Studio

Here is a picture of the challenges I face when attending barre from home. Yep, that little chunky monkey is Kinsey and she loves the yoga mat.

Kinsey Hogging Up the Mat

Okay, it’s March and I’m still working more on biscuits than I am on barre. Dang it, my exercise just isn’t where I want it. Then I think about it, and it never really is. A work in progress, right?

In any case, I hope this motivates you to try a new recipe and enjoy your workout routine – whatever it may be.


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  1. Thanks for the Instant Pot recipes. I got an Instant Pot for Christmas, and am always looking for what I can make in it.

  2. Also…loved that you highlighted Sollangy’s new Barr studio. I’d seen one of her recent videos, and thought, “wow…that’s a nice setting”. It’s cool to know her husband built/made it for her and surprised her.

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