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Around Town

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any activities around town, but this has been a busy week.  Both for me and for the whole Phoenix metro area.  Here’s what we did around town.

Super Bowl

Sunday marks football’s big day.  I no longer really care about football and haven’t watched the game in a very long time, but this year the event returns to the Phoenix area.  There are a lot of activities all over town building up to Sunday.  The last time Phoenix hosted, it rained like crazy every day and a lot of the events were poorly attended.

This year, picture perfect February weather.

The KC Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles will be playing and since KC is the closer of the cities, I’ve seen a lot of their fans around town.  KC jerseys everywhere.

Big-name entertainers perform in concerts, large parks host family-friendly events, restaurants and chefs are showing off local cuisine, there was even a 5K run which I missed (darn!).

The Phoenix Open

DFs Cindy and Kevin invited us to join them for an opening-day event at this year’s Phoenix Open golf tournament. 

Again, this is not one the sports I’m really interested in, but it’s a very big deal around here.  As in a quarter of a million people attend each day.  And it’s sold out.

Because everyone is already in town for the Super Bowl and because the weather is good.

The event attracts mainly a younger crowd.  Who like to party.  Are you catching my drift here?  A group of people the size of a small city gathered together drinking and doing other questionable activities.

Not exactly our tribe, but we had a fun day.

Anthem Giving Circle Purse Event

What?!  Purses? Hold on and I’ll explain.  DF Viviana invited me to attend a charity event for the local Anthem Giving Circle which helps people in need in our community. 

Each year they hold an auction and raffle for purses that is very well attended.  As in another sold-out event capped out at over 200 ladies.

It was super fun seeing so many dear friends (like Helen!), enjoying some yummy appetizers, a glass of wine and seeing good work in action.

The theme was Purses in Wonderland and there were some cute Alice in Wonderland costumes and décor.

There are ladies much more serious about purses than I am.

Am I kind of outing myself as an old poop?  Sorry, I really enjoyed getting out this week and seeing friends.  I do think big crowds are a thing in my past though.

What I’m Eating

Just in time for Super Bowl Sunday, we tried out a new recipe that works nicely for game day, is healthy, goes in the Crockpot and is yummy.

Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

From my favorite recipe site, Skinnytaste, we tried these slow cooker wraps.  It calls for just a few ingredients, goes into the Crockpot and is so tasty.  If you’re looking for some light fare to offer on game day, these spicy wraps might be right up your alley.

I used the Kitchenaid technique for shredding the chicken very finely which makes the meat fit perfectly on the lettuce leaves.

Hub topped his off with ranch dressing and I topped mine off with more Frank’s!

Wrap Up

I have been reading some pretty good stuff and want to give some recommendations, but I’ll save that for a shorter post.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend full of friends and fun as I hope mine to be!