Follow Up Review of Temu

It’s now been a few weeks since I’ve placed my first orders, and here is my honest follow up review of Temu.


Shipping is no charge with a minimum order of $10.  There is no need to pay for a membership such as Amazon and Walmart offer. Amazon, Target and Walmart have much more expensive minimum order requirements for free shipping.

Everything I’ve ordered comes in 5-7 days and if they miss their estimated delivery, they automatically credit $5 to your account.  This has already happened once.  And by the way, the order was only a couple hours late.


The packaging is both good and bad.  Everything is stuffed into a mailer so I think it’s more efficient, but it’s also not that well packed.  Nothing has been damaged so I guess I can’t complain.

The individual items are not packaged very well.  If you’re a sucker for nice packaging, this is not the service for you.

Quality/Customer Service

As I mentioned on my first Temu post, their site is quite overwhelming, but if you know you are looking for an exact dupe of something, it’s not too bad.

Influencers have showcased the mirrored surface LED alarm clock on Amazon which sells for $24.  It’s kind of cool, but I don’t really need a $24 alarm clock at this time.

On Temu I found a dupe for $8.  It is actually a very pretty clock but the packaging was in bad shape and the internal battery was missing.  We have a bunch of different batteries, but not that one. 

I pinged customer service on chat and within 5 minutes the entire $8 was refunded into my account with no need to return the item.

The clock works with a plug so we could use it immediately and then hub purchased a battery to replace the missing one for $4.  So it was a bit of a hassle, but Temu really wanted to make sure I wasn’t unhappy.

In this picture you see the reflection of the brick wall in the office.


I will not say things are portrayed incorrectly, but it’s really hard to tell what you’re ordering. 

The nail brush in my shower might have been purchased during Roman times because it looked like it had gone through the garbage disposal.  I have no idea how it got like that.

Anyway, I just added what I thought to be a normal nail brush on to my order and I got these wee brushes that are made for leprechauns.  They weren’t labeled as baby brushes.  Oh well.

I cannot tell you how hard I laughed when I saw them.  Now I get a chuckle every time I see them in my shower.

Nice Surprises

My squishy microbead pillow (also from the Roman age) finally fell apart and I needed a new one.  Those things are fantastic for yoga, stretching, lumbar support – you name it.

And they are surprisingly expensive.  Hmm.  Looking for a dupe on Temu, I found two for $13.  My expectations were low, but they are good!  What a nice surprise.

Wrap Up

There is a concerted effort in our house to downsize and not to acquire.  We don’t need more storage.  We don’t need more stuff.  But things wear out and need to be replaced.  So far, if Temu has it, they are a good option.

Blessings on a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I was wondering about TEMU and glad to have the confirmation that is is a legit alternative for some purchases. Thanks for the education.

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