Fourth of July Party Supplies

A recent Dollar Tree haul included some cute Fourth of July party supplies.  Sometimes simple things make me so happy.

You know when you see something at The Dollar Tree that might be popular or seasonal, you need to pick it up then and there.  So maybe a bit early (since it is still June), but here are my patriotic celebratory items which I’ve already secured.

Red “Solo” Cups

I know these are a knock-off of the real Solo cups, but I don’t ordinarily buy plastic cups so who cares?  Maybe the quality isn’t as good?  The color isn’t as red?  I don’t know, but these are cute for a patriotic party.

Oh, and, drum roll, please……

Large Red “Solo” Cups

The large plastic containers actually come in different colors, but the red ones look just like giant Solo cups.  I have heard of people buying 6 of them and playing games trying to dunk large balls.  Similar to ping pong ball games with regular size cups.

Drinking games are not too high on my list, but using this large container as an ice bucket to serve drinks is perfect.

It is big enough to fit a large selzter bottle, plus several drink cans and ice.

Plastic Stars Tray

This tray is flimsy, but so cute.  I wouldn’t use it to carry anything heavy, but maybe a tray of cupcakes or use it to corral party items together. Since I have made one successful batch of cupcakes, I think I can pull something off for a 4th party.

Paper Plates

The paper plates I picked up are not full-sized dinner plates, but they would be cute for appetizers or desserts. 

Using them to top plain white dishes would look cute and turn any place setting into a 4th party.

Plastic Flatware

Only a set of four in the package, but this silver-colored plastic flatware is really good quality and pretty heavy duty. 

I would not be afraid to use these forks with any dish you might want to serve.  I don’t think the fork tines would break off with a bite of potato salad.


Well, doesn’t it go without saying that every party needs to end with some sparklers?  I keep a stash in my kitchen drawer for birthdays or any ol’ time I’m happy to be with friends and not quite ready for the evening to end.

Oh, and these paper hotdog holders? Be still, my heart! What a way to class up one of my culinary favorites.

Keeping it Minimal

Since I’m really trying to curtail any new purchases, seasonal decorating is minimal.  I didn’t buy any flags or streamers or balloons.  Just enough for a festive touch. But if you want more, they certainly have more!

What I’m Reading

The Wanted by Robert Crais is the latest in the Elvis Cole detective series I’ve picked up.  It wasn’t really on my list, but I found it used at Rusty’s, and for a dollar, heck yes.  This is not one of my go-to series (I think I’ve read one other), so I have no idea what order what is in, but this was fine as a standalone and I read through it quickly.

And, Ta-Da! Kinsey is reading with me this time. Did you every think I would spend a reading evening alone?

On audio I am almost finished with True Believer by Jack Carr.  I am reading these out of order since the James Reece #5 was available at the library before this one, which is #2.  Reading out of order is no problem because they are so fun.  But.  They are long.  The audio version is about 16 hours long.  Make sure you have enough time to devote to listening to one of these audio books before the expiration date.

What I’m Eating

Not to be suspenseful, but since this post is kind of long, I’m going to post my recipe on Thursday.  I can tell you, it’s a good one if you’re looking for a hearty summer salad.

Wrap Up

It seems as if everyone is packing their bags for summer adventures.  We are taking some mini trips and I will report back with some pictures in a few weeks, but nothing so exciting as what most of you are doing.

If you’re out and about or staying put, I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful summer!