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Ready for Spring?

Raise your hand if you’re ready for spring!  Oh, you too.  So am I!

I’m taking baby steps ushering in my favorite season and we were lucky enough to have some really nice weather this week to make it feel real.

White Tank Mountains

Waaaayyy back in October of 2020 we met Jann and Ali and Gail and Lane for a hike and picnic in the White Tank Mountains west of Phoenix.

We haven’t been back since, so we took a visit Wednesday and it was gorgeous.  The desert has soaked up all the rain and everything seems so green.

The Waterfall Trail we took (among others, but that’s another story 😉) has some fantastic pictographs.  What do you think these mean?  Personally I think there may be a rake and a snake.  Your thoughts?

Verrado Mountain Trails aren’t too far from there and we have always been curious about the stairs built into the mountain.  We took a detour there and climbed the steps.  It’s a very short 340 steps.  Which many people were doing over and over for their exercise.


Since I got an accidentally huge number of steps Wednesday, I decided to take Thursday as a recovery day.

Well, here’s the story.  We took a tiny side trail near the end of our hike and ended up on a loop which took us to the wrong parking lot.  So we had to take another loop to get us to our car.  Whoops.

Luckily I had my poles and that makes the going much easier and faster.

If you’re ever interested in the best stretching instructor I’ve found, here is the video I used to stretch.  Just the perfect amount.  Ahhhhh.

Spring Living Room Refresh

Our console table still had the Christmas décor on it since it wasn’t Chritmasy and was just wintery.  But since spring fever hit, I changed everything out and put a vase of forsythia out (more on that next post!).

You might think I accidentally took a picture of my ceiling, but I wanted to show you our crazy high ceilings and what I contend with when I’m decorating. Or cleaning…

Since I’m add blue and yellow in the dining room, I lightened up the living room a bit and added pillows with some bright yellow. Pillows I already had – not new.

March of 2021 I purchased the highly rated faux tulips from Amazon.  So this is the FOURTH year I’ve used them and they have held up like little troopers.  What a great purchase.

These beauties now have over 20,000 almost five-star reviews.

The yellow and red are taking center stage on my coffee table again this year. 

Small changes, but they make me so happy.

Around Town

My January birthday friends, Evon, Sara and Cindy met to celebrate their birthdays at Sol at the Scottsdale Quarter.  Afterwards, Evon and I stopped at Trader Joe’s and their real tulips are so pretty.

We met DFs Ron and Vick and went to The Creek.  We have had this restaurant on repeat the past year.  The day we went was not patio friendly, but the inside is roomy, the staff is friendly, the menu is huge and the food is good.

I had filet mignon sliders atop onion rings.  Yes, they were that good.

Wrap Up

So, is it spring where you are or is it snowing and icy?  I think we have more wet weather on the way but the desert is loving it so who am I to complain?

Have a wonderful weekend and God bless you and yours.

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