Spring Look For Less

You know that duping is my new hobby, right?  I’m sure this is just a phase, but for now I love it.  Here is my spring look for less!

Pottery Barn Inspiration

PB cannot be beaten for style and quality.  Their faux floral stems are gorgeous and last forever.  And then.  There’s the…..price tag.

Photo from Pottery Barn Site

This spring they are showing forsythia branches in indigo ceramic vases that are just stunning.  The forsythia stems are 50 bucks a piece and the small vase is also 50 bucks.

I believe this arrangement shows three branches in the large vase.  So.  For my spring look at PB with the small vase and three stems the price would come to $200.  Is my math correct?

And honestly.  It’ s most likely worth it.  I’ve never purchased anything at PB I’ve been sorry about.  My problem is that next year (or the year after) I’ll be tired of indigo and forsythia.  And I won’t want to put $200 worth of décor in the donation pile.  So I’ll put it in a closet.  For five years.  And then in the donation pile.

You see how I work?  I know, crazy.

And, thus, the duping!


Studio McGee at Target just does not get any better for me.  Even though this season’s color scheme isn’t my cup o’ tea, the vases, baskets and do-dahs are stunning.  I heard them referred to as “fresh and youthful.”  Well, if that’s the case, load me up.  I can use all the fresh and youthful I can get.

I have been eying Antique Finish Concrete Planters at Target all season.  They are possibly even more gorgeous than PB’s.  I ended up ordering the small version for $25.

It didn’t come with felt pads on the bottom and I didn’t want to scratch my table, so luckily hub has a stock of them and I put a few on the planter.


TJ Maxx

Fortunate for me, I had been with Evon when I was drooling at PB and she scouted forsythia stems at Maxx for $17 a bunch which includes three stems.

What a find!  They took a bit of fluffing and puffing, but they look really nice both on the console and the dining table.

I now have a pretty PB spring look for under $60.

The two large vases are from PB years ago. See, they are worth it because I still love them. And of course, my beloved Minka from Anthro.

PB Easter

Public Service Announcement:  Easter this year is March 31st.  I had to look that up. 

The Easter table at PB is adorable with bunnies everywhere (bunnies do that, you know?).  PB is displaying the cutest bunny napkins which are only eclipsed by the scalloped edged napkins.

Have I told you lately how much I love spring?

Wrap Up

We were so teased with perfect weather last week and this week seems to be leaking a little.  Our poor friends and family in California are really getting hit and the rain is coming our way.

Praying everyone is staying safe and warm.

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