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Best Selling Affordable Workout Leggings

A sucker for social media influencer recommendations, I’ve tried out a few new items and am giving you my honest opinion on best-selling affordable workout leggings.

None of these products are sponsored, nor am I affiliate.  Another note.  I seriously need to work on my photography skills or need a better camera.  The olive and denim colors are not well shown.  Sorry about that.

So having said all that, let’s go.


In an effort to be open and honest, I haven’t been able to put all these products to a true test of my normal workout routine.

Because.  I haven’t been much working out.  Because.  Sciatica. 

Like most people, I have put up with a bad back for years and years but through regular stretching and good core hygiene, I’ve been able to control it and live a life with activities I love.

But the past month or so something new happened.  I have no idea what and I won’t know exactly until insurance approves all the diagnostics.  Which is another story and one I won’t bore you with.  Grrrr.

In any case, I’m working through this best I can. 

Using my blog as a space to tell you about my age spots or wrinkly skin or achy joints is not my intention.  But sometimes life serves us up something we don’t care for and dealing with it is part of the story. 

So, let’s get on with it, shall we?

Iuga from Amazon

There have been several recommendations for great workout leggings that rival Lulu Lemon and are about half the cost.

One pair that came highly recommended was the Iuga boot cut yoga pants with tummy control.  I bought a pair for a dear friend’s birthday (who teaches yoga) and of course, a pair for myself. 

I know. I’m evil that way.  It’s wrong to try out a new product on a friend without gifting it to myself as well.  😉

My DF’s body is much different from mine and her pair (or so she claimed) was perfect.  Mine went right back in the return envelope.

The Iuga pants have 25,000 almost-five-star reviews and the influencers I follow love them.

The pants are too long and no way to order them in a shorter length for someone with my leg length.

The tummy control was too strong and they felt too tight for my comfort.

What I like about them is they don’t scream “Workout Apparel.”  I would comfortably wear them out anywhere in public like a pair of slacks.

Just not for me.

Colorfulkoala from Amazon

Also branded as tummy control, Colorfulkoalas are even higher rated than the Iuga.  The 7/8 length goes clear to my ankles, but it is easy to pull them up and fold them under for a shorter look if I want.

What I love:

  • The Colorulkoalas come in a gorgeous palate of 37 color options. 
  • They have pockets in the legs which none of the others here have.
  • Tummy control isn’t too tight.
  • Putting them on in the morning isn’t a chore like some spandex tights.
  • Stay in place while working out – the right amount of compression.

The various colors are different prices and different lead times.  I opted for a sort of denim blue and the lead time was a month. 

These are truly (in my humble opinion) better than Lulu’s Align pants and I’ll be buying them again and highly recommend!

HeyNuts from Amazon

Billed as another dupe for Lulu’s Align, I would agree HeyNuts come the closest.  The spandex makes them a tight fit and hides many flaws. Which is what everyone loves about Lulus.

There is no side pocket but a hidden key pocket in the waist.  I have no use for that and can’t quite figure out what gyrations I would need to go through to use the pocket while I’m wearing the pants.  I’m not quite that agile.

Also beautiful saturated colors.  I bought the Hot Pink and they are coral.  Not at all the tone I was looking for but they are striking beautiful nonetheless.

These are my second favorite new workout pants and I do recommend.

Avia Crossover Leggings from Walmart

If you love a good price and want a comfy legging, these are for you.  For only $17 I got a pair of smoky olive Avias.  

The crossover refers to the adorable waistband which is totally a waste (pun intended) because you can’t see it if you’re not tucking in your top or wearing a midriff.  Which would not be me.

Super soft, easy to put on, great price.

Downsides?  No pocket, little compression, waist slips down.

When I wear these for an exercise class I pull them up several times.  I absolutely would not wear them for a hard-core cardio workout or a run. 

They are extremely long which is great if you’re tall.  I fold them under at the leg so no problem.  Since they are so soft, they are also easy to fold up into a capri length when the weather turns warm on a long walk.

These certainly have a place, and I wear them frequently, but I won’t be buying another pair.

Wrap Up

Sorry for such a long post, and thanks for taking this crazy walk with me and listening to my kvetching.  Honestly, complaining is one of my top hobbies but strangely nobody seems to want to hear it.  Hmmm.

So, hopefully no more of that and good news on the horizon.

God bless you and yours for a wonderful week ahead.

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  1. Awesome! I love how the Colorulkoalas come in so many colors. I’m going to have to try them =)

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