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Two Companies with Excellent Customer Service

I am always happy to share a positive shopping experience and this week I received shipments from two companies with excellent customer service. Here’s the scoop.

Roxy is experiencing renal issues (common in cats but serious) and needs to eat prescription food.  The first two options she tried, she ate a couple times and then wanted nothing more to do with it.  Because I had purchased the food from, I called them and told a customer service rep she wouldn’t eat the food. He immediately credited me my money and told me to donate the food to a pet shelter.  What?  No hassle?

I reordered a different food from them this week and they called to follow up to let me know they were in contact with the vet’s office waiting on the prescription approval.  Yep, a real person called to tell me that.

The food got to me in one or two days with no additional shipping charge.  Oh, my how can this company be so delightful to work with?  And look at the box with a “thank you” and a heart.  I’m in love.


I mentioned before that I was trialing the subscription service Grove.  True to their word, they contacted me so I could order what I wanted prior to them just sending me their suggested picks.  I opted for a few things and they threw in a free lip balm.

December Grove Order – Love the Sponges

Their packaging is thoughtful, frugal and eco friendly.  So far, so good.  And these kitchen sponges?  They might be kind of pricey, but I literally tossed my old ones in the garbage because these are so good.  Worth it!

What I’m Reading

On audio I am listening to my favorite narrator, David Aaron Baker read The Dog of the South by Charles Portis.  Honestly, I don’t know how anyone could rate this book less than five stars.  I was doubled up over the lat machine at the gym laughing out loud.  Portis’ characters and dialog are fast and funny.  Love it.

I started a new novel this week and it’s supposed to be creepy if not downright horror.  The jury is out, but I’ll let you know after the weekend.  I don’t want to mention it yet in case I abandon it.

What I’m Eating

Fresh fruit and nuts in their shells!  I was surprised this week at how reasonable fresh fruit was and how fresh and good it was at the store.  I got all sorts of berries and made a little fruit salad and some toast for breakfast.  Heaven.  Well, any meal with toast is heaven, right.  Am I a gourmet or what?

Fresh Berries

Getting fresh nuts in their shells during the holidays is so nostalgic for me.  This cute squirrel bowl makes me smile every time I see him filled with nuts. 

I like that we have to work a bit to get the meat of the nut out and it helps me not shove them into my face so quickly.

Crazy, I know, but something so simple makes me feel special.

Holiday Nuts in the Shells

Sprouts had an option to purchase a bag of mixed nuts or single nuts.  Purchasing a bag of walnuts and a bag of almonds meant I could mix them at home and I don’t end up having to eat all the Brazil nuts and hazelnuts myself.  Yep, he cherry picks out of the bowl.

Christmas Card Pets

If you haven’t received a card from me, don’t worry.  You won’t.  Ha.  I haven’t sent cards in years, and as a result I think I don’t receive many in return.

But I love cards with families and my friends who include their furry family members.


Martin’s Christmas Card

DF Jeannette’s boy is Martin and he might just be a tad spoiled, but you can see she had his portrait done in his dress uniform and included it on her Christmas greetings.  Such a handsome man.


Domonik’s Christmas Card

DF Julie welcomed Domonik into her family this year and you can see they have wholeheartedly embraced him and dressed him up as an elf for their family card.  Can I tell you that she is either quite tenacious in her dressing abilities or Domonik is one laid-back cat.


December Blooming Plumbago

Winter plants are really showing off right now after experiencing a bit of rain and some cool weather.  This plumbago caught my eye planted in the butterfly garden at the club.  I’m not familiar with this plant, but I need it for my yard pronto!  Isn’t it beautiful?  Blue flowers are rare and apparently this plant is easy to grow and butterflies love it.  I’m finding myself some!

We’re counting down the days to Christmas.  Enjoy your weekend and take it nice and easy.