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Stowing Christmas

Hey, buddies, how are you doing?  Hanging in there?  Wishing this was over?  Having a restful, peaceful time?  Totally stressed out?  A little of all of the above?

Many are happy 2020 is over and looking forward to a better year ahead.  But.  Just in case, I thought it might be a good idea to head off some problems at the pass.

Not to be a negative Nelly here, but let’s get some happy strategies out there in front of us.  I don’t have any better answers than anyone else, but I want to be here if you need me.  To find a way to enjoy life.  Still.  Anyway. 

Not sure if any of this will work for you, but this is what I’m doing.

Stowing Christmas

This has never been my favorite holiday, so leaving decorations out for weeks doesn’t happen in our house.  In fact, I often take everything down Christmas afternoon and stow it away.

Except this year.

I took everything down on Christmas Eve, organized in all in the garage and we put together a donation box for decorations and lights we won’t use again.

Yep, Christmas Eve.   Crazy?  Well, I’m going with it.  I really decorated very little anyway, but it felt good to get that under control and not think about it while I am at work or have other things to do.

Singing Aloud

Don’t you just think singing is good medicine?  Well, maybe not for people who have to listen to me, but putting on some favorites or listening to new songs is very cheerful.  My DS Susie has been sending my other DS Nik and me a link to a music video every day.  She’s curated a very eclectic smattering of songs ranging from the 60s (What’s New Pussycat) to some Rhianna. 

I think she’s really had fun doing it and I’ve had fun seeing what’s she has come up with.  Nik has passed along some pretty good spoofs that match the songs Susie has picked and this one had me in stitches.


How many times have I mentioned my small link to sanity is my pickleball friends.  Truthfully, I love them way more than I like pickleball.

Last Sunday we got an early Christmas gift of team pickleball visors.  We look SO professional now.  Seriously.

I guess you cannot make out how cool the visors are, but you can certainly see how very cool we look in them.

I purchased them from Pickleball Marketplace and I cannot speak highly enough about what a wonderful experience it was shopping with them and the wonderful customer service I got.  Recommend!


Like so many others, we have started puzzling this year.  Is that a verb?  I think not, but I like it used like that.  John is way, way better than I am, but it’s been a nice way to pass some time.

Snuggly with Fur Babies

Many, many people have added to their families this year and there really is nothing like snuggling with a small being who unconditionally loves you.  If you have a pet, get a few more cuddles in and see what it does for your mood.

I will say that fur babies and puzzling (above) may not always go together so well.


Praying has been at the top of my list the entire year.  I have prayed until God is sick and tired of me.  But I’m not stopping.  And if you need a prayer, please let me know because I’m on it.


I have walked countless miles and listened to countless hours of audiobooks this year.  Exercise and sunshine are the best medicine I know of and if you can get out, I highly recommend!

In fact, I took today and threw all my shoes in the washer and have them out drying since I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to walk today. Some serious tread was worn off those shoes in 2020.

And if you just need a friend, an email, a text, please reach out; I’d love to chat.

As we wind down this holiday season, go easy and I’m sending many blessings your way.

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  1. Happy New Year! Looks like you are ending this one with all in order to start off well in the new year. See you soon!


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