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Fun Stuff to Do

2024 is going to be the year we do more fun stuff. And connect more with friends. It’s my version of a New Year’s Resolution.

The past couple of weeks we’ve done some spontaneous entertaining at our house and some other fun activities.

And so far, so good!

Here are a few of our activities in case you need any motivation or ideas for fun stuff to do.

Arizona Broadway Theater

To celebrate Evon’s birthday, Barb found a murder mystery dinner show at Arizona Broadway Theatre.  

Okay, to be honest, the show wasn’t that good, but the food was.  And the company was superb.

Arizona Canal

Denisse and I met on a gorgeous day and walked the Arizona Canal near the Biltmore Hotel.  Parking was a bit of a bear, but we managed.  Then we “borrowed” the lawn at Wrigley mansion and had a private picnic there under majestic palms.

Denisse treated us to an apple jicama salad which was so good.  It had shredded carrots and dried cherries with a lemon vinaigrette dressing.


Hub and I caught linner at Doughbird after an appointment in the Arcadia area of Phoenix.  It’s such an adorable restaurant. 

First of all, it’s a Fox restaurant and I am a big fan of Fox.

The menu is pretty limited.  The “dough” referring to pizza and the “bird” referring to chicken.  I wasn’t actually in the mood for either, but the happy hour menu had a hummus and pita selection.  I ordered a side of fresh veggies and can I just tell you.  It might have been the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

Our House

At a sort of last-minute get together at our house, we got to use one of our Christmas presents, a wine serving carousel with snack trays.

It was really fun filling the trays with snacks and let everyone help themselves. I noticed everyone seemed to take one last minute handful of their favorite snack on the way out the door too.

A backyard fire, blankets and sparklers after dark made a perfect casual winter night.

What I’m Eating

Denisse gifted me a lot of jalapenos from her produce haul.  I roasted most of them and froze them for future burritos.

From Love and Lemons, I made an easy pickled jalapeno recipe and am looking forward to trying them soon. 

What I’m Reading

Remi Bone by William Myers is my latest library find.  It’s fun to snuggle down in bed a little early and get some page turning done.  I will report back when I’m done, but so far it’s solid.

On audio I listened to Jeffery Deaver’s XO which is #3 in the series.  Oh, boy.  This is not a recommendation.  The narrator was good, but the arduous details were beyond painful and the two female protagonists were lame.  Insulting, actually.

Oh, well.

Around Town

My friend Leslie will be back at the Anthem Market in the Park this Sunday the 21st from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. with her Rags Resale business.

Her items are upscale and beautiful. 

Speaking of the market, last time I was there I bought three house plants.  Yes!  I’m a plant mama.  The plants looked really healthy so I thought what the heck.

And then I had the worst time finding planters that were pretty and had a saucer under them.

Finally I saw a recommendation on the Magnolia line from Target.  I’m telling you they came packaged so cutely and so carefully but one saucer was completely broken and one has a chip out of it.  Darn it.

Oh, well I’m making due and crossing my fingers my new plants love their new home and thrive.

Wrap Up

2024 has been so good, so far!  Our weather has improved greatly and I’m spending every minute I can outdoors.

Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll touch base next week!

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  1. One can never have too many plants! Love them =)
    Looking forward to hearing about when you do your picked jalapeños and how they turn out.

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