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Motivation for Small Organization Projects

January is traditionally the month of the overhaul.  For a fresh start.  Diet, fitness, self-improvement – you name it.  Any of those can be a lot to chew. How about just a tiny bite?  How about just some motivation for small organization projects?

Organizing projects are high on the list of January resolutions. In fact, The Container Store promotes their Elfa line with their annual 30% off sale.  I’ve shared a couple of our Elfa projects over the years and they’ve worked great for us.


There is always room for improvement, no?  So nothing huge this year, but here are a couple small projects I tackled and handled!


Ugh.  Two and a half closet drawers were dedicated to jewelry junk and bracelets.  That I haven’t worn in years.  And that I have to dig through to locate my current favorite bracelets.  And was super ugly.

So, I bit the bullet, weeded through everything, trashed actual trash and donated stuff no longer working for me.

Yep, there are old Fitbits in there.

This small project maybe took me 15-20 minutes.  Why didn’t I do this two years ago? 

In any case, it’s done and one less thing living in the back of my brain.


Most of our spices have a wonderful Elfa home on the back of our pantry door.   But it’s a tiny hassle getting my most-used spices for every meal.  Plus, a cabinet shelf next to the stove had a lot of wasted real estate.

Hub took a trip to the Container Store and got a divided lazy Susan (not on sale, unfortunately).  Now all of our regular spices are handy.  Two of the bins are removable for regular cleaning.  The items that were less used have moved to the pantry door.

So much more efficient.


The Battery Daddy Storage Case with a battery tester came from Santa to John at Christmas.  What a cool and easy way to corral batteries.  I think it motivated him to change the fire detector batteries too!


Okay, another ugh here.  What have I been waiting for?  Why does my email inbox make me feel bad about myself?

Because I’ve been using it as a to-do list, that’s why.

Instead of making a daily list of tasks that my email points me to, I just leave the email in the inbox and then every time I open email, I am burdened with both new emails and then from some months and months old.

After taking less than an hour of my time, I completely filed or handled all my emails and cleared my inbox.

It’s my “goal” to keep this inbox cleaned up and emptied at least once a week.

A small organization project that frees up a lot of my attention.

Anthem Health and Wellness Club

If you’re local to the Phoenix area, this month’s no-charge event features Health Coach Cristina Archer speaking on the Organ of Longevity, Muscle.

The meeting is noon Wednesday, January 25th at the Anthem Civic Center. Click here for registration.

Wrap Up

Organizing can be so daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.  Eating just a bite at a time adds up and it really does make my life easier.