A Few New Purchases

Just when you thought I could not possibly buy one more thing, I have a few new purchases to share with you. Laundry Room Light Fixture We loved our rustic, urban light fixture in our laundry room.  But with our recent small remodel, it was no longer a perfect fit with the décor.  Oh, and […]

My Take on a Cult Favorite – Costco Chicken

The older I get, the less I like meat.  I hardly even eat chicken anymore.  I’m not usually too big on grocery store rotisserie chicken because I don’t care for the spices they use, but Costco is the exception.  Their chicken is actually famous with a cult following. There are a number of articles written […]

My Contribution to Restarting the Economy

Ok, stores are opening.  Are you excited to get some retail therapy?  The poor Amazon drivers should be seeing some relief once people can get out and about and get their own stuff.  I’m not much of a store shopper anymore, but I do think it’s my responsibility as an American to help restart the […]