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A Few Amazon Purchases and Reviews

Amazon Prime Day had a few (or more) appealing items and I ordered more than I usually do.  And then I spent the next two weeks purging my house and garage.  Hmmm. Guilt? Junk overload?

Oh, well, I got suckered in on the bargains and today I’m sharing a few of the purchases and my honest reviews.

Chef’n Veggichop

There hasn’t been a food processor in our home in over 20 years and I haven’t missed one a bit.  But.  I saw videos on this hand-powered vegetable chopper and I was intrigued.  We have a little electric one similar, so I guess I technically didn’t need it, but it looked like there was a little better control of how finely ingredients can be chopped.

Parsley is such a love/hate relationship with me.  Tabbouleh is a regular menu item around here, but prepping the parsley is a pain.  This time, I cleaned the parsley really well and let it dry overnight with the stems in a glass of water.  Dry leaves chop better than soggy ones.

I took off most of the stem and for one batch of tabbouleh; I filled the chopper with parsley three times.  The rope handle gets yanked like a lawn mower.  It was sort of cathartic. 

Super easy to clean, but those blades look mighty sharp so I was extra careful with them.

Review: The price is about $15 and on Prime Day I think I paid under $10.  Worth it.

Roll-Up Dish Rack

Oh, yes, this is a recommend for sure.  This rolling rack is sturdy, has silicone edges to stay put, rolls up for storage and can go in the dishwasher for cleaning.  I’ve already used it for dishes and draining vegetables. 

For my large farmhouse sink, the large $14 rack works fine.  Worth it.


Quite by accident I found a game book at the dollar store called Numbrix.  When I thought I was buying a Sudoku book.  Dang, I had to get home and figure it out.

But then, when I did.  Addicted.  Of course, I couldn’t find another book at the dollar store after I’m already addicted, but Amazon sells a giant book.  Oh, my sharp Number 2 pencils, a fine rubber eraser and I’m just in number heaven.


Artificial Hydrangea

Another happy accident was sticking my beautiful Pottery Barn hydrangea in my beautiful Pottery Barn metal bowl on my dining room table.  PB has the BEST faux flowers and plants, but they are just too pricey anymore. 

This blue metal bowl was hiding its beauty on a shelf in the living room, and putting it front and center on the dining table with the hydrangea blossoms really showcase both the flowers and the bowl.  But.  Always a “but,” right?  There were some bare spots in the bowl and I feel too cheap to spend a lot for a happy accident.

For less than $13 I found a set of three stems to fill in the bare spots. 

Review:  The leaves are not as realistic and easy to mold as PB’s.  The color of PB’s are better.  The quality for the price is just fine.  Happy customer.

Silicone Body Scrubber

Over 10,000 positive ratings?  That just pulls me right in.  Even though I wasn’t at all in the market for a silicone body scrubber.  I used one of those poufy net thingies in the shower with my favorite body wash in the world from Lather

This really is better.  It’s food-grade silicone, much more hygienic, nice and gentle on skin – including the face – and rinses clean quickly. 

The marketing hype of a massage and easing away stress?  Well, no, it didn’t do that.  Let’s not get nuts here.  It doesn’t suds up as much as a pouf, but there is certainly soap on the skin, so it’s working.

It’s five bucks now, but I got it for a bit less.  I bought one to pack in my gym bag too.  Much better than a wash cloth.

Review:  If you’re a wash cloth or pouf user, you might like this better.

What a random shopping list this is.  All these goodies made it feel like Christmas and they have been fun and useful.  My honest opinion.

Sending blessings to rain down upon your weekend. Oh, and maybe a little prayer for rain around here too.